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Are Dogs Allowed in Lowe’s? Exploring the Canine Companion Policy

Lowe’s, the popular home improvement retailer, is not only a haven for DIY enthusiasts but also a potential destination for our four-legged friends. The question of whether dogs are allowed in Lowe’s stores has piqued the curiosity of pet owners and dog lovers alike.

As we navigate the aisles of hardware, tools, and garden supplies, it’s important to uncover the policies, guidelines, and considerations that shape the presence of our canine companions within the walls of this retail giant.

Join us on a journey to uncover the truth behind whether dogs are welcome to accompany us as we embark on our home improvement quests at Lowe’s.

How Does Lowe’s Official Pet Policy Work?

Only service animals are permitted inside Lowe’s stores, according to the company’s official website. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines service animals as dogs that have been individually trained to accomplish labor or execute duties for people with disabilities.[1]

These responsibilities may include guiding a blind person, notifying a deaf person, pulling a wheelchair, detecting seizures, and providing emotional support.

Employees at Lowe’s are permitted to ask two questions to determine whether a dog is a service animal:

  • Is the dog a service animal that is required due to a disability?
  • What kind of work or task has the dog been trained to do?

Employees at Lowe’s are not permitted to request verification or confirmation of the dog’s status, such as an ID card, a vest, or a harness. They can, however, request that the dog be removed from the business if it is out of control, not housebroken, or constitutes a direct threat to the health or safety of others.

What Factors Influence Each Store’s Pet-Friendliness?

While Lowe’s has an official pet policy that only allows assistance animals in its stores, some locations may be more flexible and accept other pets. This is determined by various factors, including:

The shopkeeper:

The store management has the final word on whether or not to allow dogs in their establishment. Depending on their personal preferences or client input, some managers may be more flexible and accommodating than others.

The local laws:

Some states or towns may have rules or regulations prohibiting or restricting the presence of dogs in public locations such as businesses, restaurants, or parks. These regulations have the potential to override Lowe’s pet policy and restrict dogs from accessing its stores.

The store layout:

Some stores may have more space and ventilation than others, which may make them more suitable for dogs. Some establishments may also contain pet-specific departments, such as outdoor garden centers or pet supply sections.

The store inventory:

Some establishments may stock more items that are appealing to or dangerous to dogs, such as food, chemicals, plants, or wires. These items may entice dogs to sniff, lick, chew, or ingest them, causing problems for both the dogs and the retailer.

As a result, it is important to contact ahead and inquire whether the store you intend to visit allows dogs or not. You can also read internet reviews or social media posts from other customers who have purchased the product.

What Are the Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Lowe’s?

Bringing your dog to Lowe’s can provide some advantages for both you and your dog, including:


Taking your dog to Lowe’s can be a fun and gratifying activity that can help you and your dog’s relationship. You may spend quality time with your dog and introduce them to new adventures.


Taking your dog to Lowe’s exposes them to new people, animals, sights, sounds, and smells. This can help kids gain confidence and become more pleasant with others. It can also keep kids from acquiring fears or aggressive tendencies.[2]


A trip to Lowe’s can offer your dog with both physical and mental stimulation. They can burn calories and release energy by walking around the store. Exploring new things might satisfy their interest while also challenging their intelligence.


Taking your dog to Lowe’s can help you find some dog-friendly products. You can search through the pet supplies area for products such as crates, beds, and toys.

What Are the Dangers of Taking Your Dog to Lowe’s?

Bringing your dog to Lowe’s may pose various risks to both you and your dog, including:

Getting booted out:

If your dog is not a service animal or misbehaves in the store, workers or management may ask you to leave. This can be humiliating and aggravating for both you and your dog.

Getting injured:

If your dog gets into trouble in the store, they may get injured by some products or equipment, such as sharp tools, heavy objects, or electric wires. Other dogs or people may also hurt them, such as by biting or scratching. You could possibly get hurt trying to protect your dog or yourself.

Getting lost:

If your dog escapes your sight or control while shopping, they may become disoriented in the aisles or outside the store. They may also be stolen by unscrupulous individuals who intend to sell or use them for unlawful reasons.

Other Chain Stores Allowing Dogs

In addition to Lowe’s, there are several more chain businesses that have pet-friendly policies, allowing you to shop with your pet. Some popular choices are:

  1. Home Depot: Home Depot, like Lowe’s, frequently permits well-behaved dogs on leashes in their stores. It is best to confirm your local Home Depot’s unique policies.
  2. Petco: It should come as no surprise that Petco is dog-friendly. They not only accept dogs in their businesses, but they also provide a variety of pet items and services.
  3. Tractor Supply Company: Many Tractor Supply Company stores are pet-friendly, with outdoor hitching posts for dogs.
  4. Bass Pro Shops: This outdoor and sporting goods store frequently welcomes dogs, making it an ideal shopping destination for outdoor enthusiasts with canine friends.
  5. Macy’s: Some Macy’s locations allow dogs, especially in pet sections or at special events.
  6. Cabela’s: A dog-friendly alternative for people interested in outdoor activities and gear, Cabela’s is similar to Bass Pro Shops.
  7. Pottery Barn: Some Pottery Barn locations accept dogs, resulting in a pet-friendly shopping experience.

Keep in mind that each store’s policy may differ depending on location, so it’s always a good idea to contact ahead or check their website for precise details.


1) Are dogs allowed in all Lowe’s stores?

The policy regarding dogs in Lowe’s stores can vary depending on the specific location and local regulations. Some stores may be dog-friendly, while others may have restrictions. It’s advisable to check with your local Lowe’s store to determine their specific policy.

2) What are the general guidelines for bringing dogs to Lowe’s?

If a Lowe’s store allows dogs, they typically require dogs to be well-behaved, leashed, and under control at all times. Dogs should not pose a disturbance to other customers or employees. It’s recommended to keep your dog on a short leash and ensure they are comfortable in a public environment.

3) Are there any specific rules for bringing dogs to Lowe’s?

Each Lowe’s store may have its own set of rules and guidelines for bringing dogs. Some stores may limit the areas where dogs are allowed, such as excluding areas with food or plant products. It’s important to inquire about any specific rules when visiting a Lowe’s store with your dog.

4) Can I bring my dog into Lowe’s in a shopping cart or carrier?

In some cases, small dogs may be allowed in Lowe’s stores if they are in a shopping cart or a carrier. However, this may vary depending on the store’s policy and local regulations. Always check with the store before bringing your dog in any type of carrier.

5) Are service dogs allowed in Lowe’s?

Service dogs, which are trained to assist individuals with disabilities, are generally allowed in all public places, including Lowe’s stores. These dogs are not considered pets and are protected by laws that ensure their access to various establishments.

6) How can I find out if my local Lowe’s store allows dogs?

To determine if your local Lowe’s store allows dogs, you can call the store directly or check their official website. Some stores may also display signs at the entrance indicating their pet policy. It’s always recommended to confirm before bringing your dog to the store.


In conclusion, while some Lowe’s stores welcome dogs, the policy can vary by location. It’s important to respect and adhere to the rules of each store to ensure a positive experience for all customers.

Checking with your local Lowe’s and following any guidelines provided will help create an enjoyable outing for both you and your four-legged companion. Always prioritize the comfort and safety of everyone in the store, human and canine alike.


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