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Dog Needs Best is on a mission to spread information about everything that you will need to pet a dog. We provide tips, training, advice, and reviews on the essential products that your dog will ever need.

Our reviews are based on unbiased research by our team of experts and recommendations by vets so you & your pooch have a happy & healthy lifestyle.

How DogNeedsBest Came Into Existence?

Every kid has a happy childhood memory, the one that they would never forget for the rest of their lives.

Mine certainly is when my father came home with a Labrador retriever, my Milo.

Oh, I was the happiest little boy in the world!

I would just play with him all day after school.

Corey Patrick

He had played such an important part in my childhood that I wanted to give this beautiful gift to my kids as well.

Thus, I decided to adopt two pups, Maggie and Mia. But that is when the responsibilities started kicking in.

The place where I lived had no pet store at an arm’s length. So, I resorted to the internet to get all the necessary supplies, and my worries began.

I could find the products, but as there were so many options, I was becoming less and less decisive.

What I needed was a reliable website that could sort out the products for me and help me single out the best ones.

This is where the idea for DogNeedsBest struck my mind.

My main goal was to help my fellow dog parents to get all the crucial information about the best dog foods, toys, dog beds, etc.

As the reviews are not partial towards any particular brand, you can take its reliability to the bank!

I hope that the reviews and the blogs can prove to be of great assistance to you.

As pet parents, we want the best for our furry little best friends, and together we can achieve that!

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