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Bully Dog Breeds – 5 Most Adorable and Lovable Companions

Multiple dog breeds are readily available on the market. But before someone brings a four-legged paw friend home, knowing which breed they would like is preferred. Some people prefer an athletic breed, while some look for toy breeds that look good on Instagram.

One of the most common breeds that people choose is the Bully breed. This family of dogs has over 50 types to choose from. But before making a purchase, you must know what the temperament of that dog is. Research more and ask yourself, Is it easy going or challenging to maintain? Do I want to keep this dog as a pet for a lifetime? Let’s discuss more these adorable lovely companions.

What are Bully Breeds?

Bully breeds consist of large and intimating breeds of dogs, such as the Bulldog, but there are also smaller types, such as the Pug. The common breeds people consider bullies include American pit bulls, Boston terriers, Boxers, and micro-bully puppies. 

Bully breeds are the most lovable pet, especially for a family looking for a pet companion. These dogs have an unfair reputation for showing aggressiveness. However, they are very loyal and docile.

What are the Characteristics of the Bully Dog Breed?

Breeders work very hard to develop positive traits in Bully dog breeds. However, people still do not prefer buying them. Some characteristics of the Bully dog breed that makes them lovable are

  • Fun-loving, affectionate, and playful pets
  • Agile, athletic, and hardworking 
  • calm and gentle at the same time
  • Active and exuberant requiring daily energy and exercise

The bully breeds have an adverse history since they were used for bull baiting and dog fighting. But with proper training, they can also work as therapy dogs, rescue and military dogs. Some of these bully breeds live easily with other pets too. But some, on the other hand, may not like living with other dogs at all.

  1. American Bully Dog

American Bully dogs are large and heavy and have muscles with broad chests. If they were to resemble humans, they would look like someone regular at a gym. Most people confuse American Bully dogs with terriers or bulldogs. On the contrary, it is neither one of them.

American bully dog has a great instinct to protect their loved ones and their surroundings. They are intelligent, loyal, and brave and always want to please their owners. Because of their habit of protecting, they also make good guard dogs.

American bullies or bullies prefer to live in places with warm climates. They must be kept indoors and given plenty of exercise. If you are outdoorsy, you can take them for a brisk walk as exercise.

  1. American Pitbull Terrier

People often refer to this breed as pitties, pitbull, or even APBTs. These lovable goofballs are not aggressive at all. They are popular in history as fighting dogs, so they have a terrible reputation. They have a ferocious appearance, but once trained, they are very affectionate to their family. 

Pitties love people and are very docile, loving, and calm, especially toward their owners.

Terriers are not just companions; They are also working dogs. This breed is used in military, rescue, and armed services. Additionally, people also use them as therapy animals.

  1.  American Bulldog

This type of bully breed is taller than the English bulldogs. They were used for catching cattle and hogs back in the 1800s. These bullies have charming personalities and quickly get comfortable around their families.

The best part about these bullies is that they can quickly get along with other pets in the family too. American bullies are very affectionate towards kids. However, a few recommend adult supervision when leaving this canine breed alone with babies.

They prefer to live in suburban places and require daily exercises to keep them mentally and physically fit. It would be best to keep them from being bored for long durations.

  1. American Staffordshire Terrier

These bullies resemble American Pitbull Terriers. However, people disagree with this because, according to them, they have considerable differences. Both these dog breeds share the same history. They were used for dog baiting. But now, they are nothing more than lovable family companions.

By putting in love, dedication, time, and training, they can become the perfect pet for any family. This breed is muscular and can easily pull a leash. They are quick learners and require daily exercises to channel their energy into other activities. The best thing about this breed is that it can be kept indoors and outdoors. You can also add exercises such as weight pulling to their daily routine.

  1. French Bulldog

French bulldogs, or Frenchies, originated as a lovable dog breed in the 1800s. This breed has a fine coat and a short structure. They come in black, cream, and white colors, without body marking. Frenchies are commonly known for their ears, shaped like bats, and masked faces.

This small breed is the perfect companion for an indoor space. They may suffer from some common health issues, but they are expensive so much that owning a Frenchie is similar to having a status symbol in society.   

People often consider them a toy breed because of their small size. But this breed makes a good guard dog too. Just take them out for a stroll and watch people turning their heads to catch a glimpse of this adorable breed.


Bully dog breeds are some of the most lovable companions for families. These are multi-talented dogs, as they can be trained as guards, rescue, or family pets. This family of dogs comprises around 50 breeds, each different in size, characteristics, and shape. Whatever makes them different, the only sure thing is that they are all charming and perfect for a lovely home. 

Before choosing a type of bully dog breed, research and understand what you want from your pet companion. Whichever breed you buy, give them all your love and care since they can give you more love and care than you would ever give them.