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Do Dog Diapers Work?

One of the most common worry and concern of pet parents is whether dog diapers are good for their dog or not, and do dog diapers work!

As an experienced Pet Sitter, I know that the concern is real serious.

Families who own dogs are very particular about each and every small thing of their dog’s life. I am sure you also take care and worry about all of their small things.

do dog diapers work

If you do not take the right decision, you might even create a lot of mess in your and your dog’s life.

And that is why I am here. I am going to share with you some really helpful and important information in this article to let you know “Do dog diapers work or not”.

Here, you will find answers to your most common questions and queries regarding dog diapers along with some of their advantages and disadvantages.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, read this article now! It’s all yours!

Are Dog Diapers A Good Idea?

Of Course!

Dog diapers are not just a good idea, in fact, they are a great idea for both male and female dogs. And I am not asking you to simply believe what I say to you. I am going to give you a list of reasons that will be more than enough for you to agree with what I say.

Your dog might not like what I say because he is not really a big fan of diapers, and that’s a whole another story! But let’s first focus on reasons why dog diapers are a great idea.

Let’s begin!

Dog has Lost Voluntary Control of Urniation.

Urinary Incontinence in dogs is a state when dogs do not have voluntary control of urination. It is also referred to as involuntary urine leakage. It could be due to many reasons such as CCD, weak bladders, bacterial infection, a weakened sphincter muscle, or Urinary Tract Infection.

You will need dog diapers if your dog becomes incontinent because you never know when he will pee and this will create a lot of mess for you and spoil your furniture, rugs and/or carpets.

Dog has Neurological Disorder.

Canine neurological disorder is an illness that stem from your little dog’s central nervous system. Canine neurological disorder sadly affects your dog’s brain, spinal cord and nerves. This neurological disorder affects the nerve supply to the bladder.

Dog is Suffering From Fecal Incontinence.

Fecal Incontinence is the inability of your dog to control bowel movements which results in leakage of urine unexpectedly. In some cases, it is just an occasional stool leakage. Whereas, if serious it can even lead to complete loss of your dog’s bowel movements. Thus, diapers become very necessary for your dog.

dog diaper for dogs with urinary incontinence

Dog has Arthritis.

Arthritis is an inflammation of joints in dogs just like us, humans. It causes pain, discomfort, and stiffness in your dog’s body. And it is so painful that your dog will not be finished with his business outside, and you never know, when he feels like doing his business inside the house. So, it is safe if your dog wears diapers regularly.

Dog is Suffering From Dementia.

It is also known as CCD (Canine Cognitive Dysfunction), which is mostly found in senior dogs. It is a condition that leads to behavioral changes and also affects memory, comprehension, and learning. Your dog will not remember the right place to poop, and he might just do it on the bed or couch. Therefore, he needs diapers.

Dog is on Medication.

If your dog is on medications such as diuretics or steroids, he will have frequent urge to pee and that is why it is better if he has diaper on. So, he can do his business as many times as he wants with troubling you.

Also, his frequency of peeing might be so high that it might not even be possible for you to take him out every time he wants to pee.

Dog is on House Training.

Putting a diaper on your dog is not a substitute for house training. You should always teach your dog the right and proper place to poop and pee. But, in certain cases and during the initial dog training, you will need a diaper for your dog. It keeps your furniture and carpet safe and your house clean.

WAIT…. It’s Not Over Yet! I Have Some More Reasons!

washable dog diapers

Dog has Weak Bladder.

Dogs with weak bladders do not have the ability to control urination. While, jumping, running or even sneezing, they might urinate a little, and that is not his fault at all. It is because he has weak bladder. This even happens to human.

Dog diaper is your only way out.

Dog is a Paralyzed Dog.

Paralysis in dogs leads to inability of quick movements, pain, weakness and inability to bear weight. Thus, your dog will not be in a state to go to the right place to poop every time. Thus, a diaper will make his job easy, and he will not have to walk all the way to do his business.

Female Dog is in Heat.

For female dogs, putting diapers on them will protect your carpet, sofa, bed and furniture from the bloody discharge. Also, during these times, she feels an urge to lick her private area, and it is very unhealthy for her. So, diapers will prevent her from licking her private area.

Dog has Kidney Failure.

Kidney failures or kidney stones make it very difficult for your dog to control urine, and before she reaches the right place to do her business, she might pee before reaching the spot. Thus, it is advisable to put a diaper on if your dog has kidney failure or stones.

Benefits of Diapering Your Dog

Now, that you how important diapers can be in certain situations, let’s discuss the benefits that you and your dog will have by using the diapers.

pros of dog diapers

1. The biggest benefit of using diapers is that you can say goodbye to mess. With diapers, you will not have to clean up poop and pee all day long.

2. There are so many options available for you to choose from. There are different types of diapers available, at different ranges, so you can choose the one that is best suited to your needs.

3. Diapers are necessary for dogs who are suffering from urinary incontinence as they are not able to control their urine. Diapers will help them to keep their floor, rugs, bedding, and carpet dry.

4. For female dogs in heat diapers again becomes a necessity, as during her pro-estrus period she will start bleeding, and it can make the entire house dirty, if she does not have her diaper on.

5. For young puppies who are not completely potty-trained, you will need diapers until your pup knows perfectly when and where to eliminate.

6. Adult and senior dogs, who are suffering from CCD, will need diapers as they will lose their ability to remember the right place to eliminate.

7. Diapers are very handy when you are on a trip, or visiting a friend’s place, or staying at a hotel. You will not have to be cautious about your creating a mess or awkward situation for you.

Drawbacks of Diapering Your Dog

Every coin has two sides.

In the same way, if diapers have so many benefits, they also have some drawbacks which can not be ignored. Let’s look in to some drawbacks before making the final decision of whether you want to add diapers to your dog’s lifestyle.

cons of dog diapers

1. Diapers can irritate your dog’s fur and lead to rashes in his skin.

2. Diapers are not at all a substitute of potty-training or house training. Potty training is very important and in no case it should be skipped.

3. Your job is not completely eliminated as you will have to make the effort of changing diapers every 3 to 4 hours.

4. Some dogs literally hate diapers, and they will do everything that is possible for them to remove or tear the diaper. In such cases, you will have to use belly bands, baby onesie, secure tapes, or modified underwear so that your dog can not remove the diaper.

What Should you Do?

Hold On, Take a Breath!

dog diapers

If you are all muddled of whether you should use diapers for your dog or not, then do not worry. I am not leaving you half way. Let’s talk it out.

There are certain ways to find out whether diapers are a good idea for your dog or not!

First, you need to know whether diapers are optional or not! For instance, if your dog is suffering from any disease or problem, where he has lost his ability to control his urine, then there is no way out. You will have to go with diapers. This is one of the best way to decide.

Second, if diapers are optional, then it is better you do not use them. If your dog knows exactly where to eliminate and do his business, then you do not need to spend extra dollars from your pocket to purchase diapers.

So, based on your situation and need, you need to evaluate which is a better option for you. Diapers or No Diapers!


Do dog diapers work?

Yes of course! Dog diapers do work for both male and female dogs! Diapers can be used to provide protection and comfort if your dog scoots around. Dog Diapers are also useful in preventing a Urinary tract infection.

But diaper is not a substitute for house training. I would suggest you to train your canine to eliminate at the correct place. You can use diapers during his initial training or in circumstances where diapers are the only way out.

For example, if your dog has the inability to control his urine.

Is it bad for dogs to wear diapers?

Absolutely Not. Trust me, Dog’s diaper is a boon for you. They are beneficial in two ways. One, they keep your house spotless. It makes sure that your carpet, rugs, sofa, bed, and all other furniture is clean and safe, and does not stink of your dog poop or pee.

Two, it also keeps your dog healthy. A dog diaper becomes a necessity if your dog is suffering from any disease, problem or disorder, that makes it difficult for him to control his pee.

How long can you keep a diaper on a dog?

Changing your dog’s diaper depends majorly on your dog’s breed. Some breeds pee and poops more frequently than others. In general, you should change your dog’s diaper every 3 to 4 hours. You must use wipes to clean your dog’s skin every time you change the diaper. This way, there will be fewer chances of him being infected.

It is only best to remove and change the diaper as soon as it is starts fouling. If you do not change your dog’s diaper frequently, and you let the feces sit against your dog’s fur, it can lead to infections and rashes in your dog’s skin. Infections and rashes can be very uncomfortable for your dog and irritate him a lot.

Can you potty-train your dog with diapers?

I think the more serious question here is, should you potty-train your dog with diapers? As a dog parent, you should not completely rely on diapers as a substitute of house training. But, we understand that it might not be possible for you to take your puppy out at any odd hour or in the middle of the night.

This is the time, when diapers come very handy. If you think, there is no way out then you can use diapers but do not stop his potty-training. Take him out for his business as and when possible.

Are there diapers for old dogs?

You do not need a special diaper for older dogs. You just need to make extra effort that the diaper does not fall off from your dog’s waist. Also, make sure that you only purchase a premium dog diaper for your old pups because a cheap diaper will not do the job for which you purchased it.

The right diaper with a belly band, baby onesie, or secure taps will do the job and your old dog will be able to live a happy, healthy and satisfying life.

Final Verdict

To cut the long story short, yes, diapers are a great way and can be very handy to you in certain situations.

I hope I have finally answered your question “Do dog diapers work?”.

But keep in mind that no matter, if you have a male or female dog diapers, are great only if you use them for the correct reasons and not as a substitute to house training.

With this thought, I would like to leave the final decision up to you. But, I am sure that after reading this article, you are going to make the right decision for your sweet loving dog. As I have already shared all the information you need.

Let us know in the comment section, how did you like the blog on “Do dog diapers work?” and what was your final decision.

Waiting for it!


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