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How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food Bowl?

Do you know the importance of keeping ants out of dog food bowl?

Do you know ant release alkaloid venom which can cause allergies to your lovely pet? And some dog’s ant bite can lead to death too!

Just like many dogs, do your pet also stops eating food when they see ants crawling? It’s not a good thing to have ants around your pet’s food.

Imagine a home with no ants’ nuisance this sounds so happening, right? I am sure you are in trouble with ants and here looking for a solution right?

Well, I promise you all your problems will solve because you have landed on the right page. We have come with some tricks and tips on how to keep ants out of your dogs’ food.

How to Keep Ants Out of Dog Food Bowl

How to Prevent Ants from Your Dogs Food

You can have an ant proof home if you apply any of these 7 measures at your place. These tricks will help you to remove all the ants around your pooch’s food bowl.

1. Always Keep the Dishes Clean

Dogs are messy eaters and due to the same reason ants attract to their food bowl. One way of keeping ants away from dishes is to keep their bowl always tidy and clean.

You should keep their bowl clean. Clear the area once they are done eating, so no food particle is left which will prevent ants from attracting. Wash it by using dish soap and water, and wipe it with a cloth. You have to make sure no water is left before filling food.

2. Baking Soda is Also an Option

The use of baking soda is a safe option because it is non-toxic and keeps ants away from your pet’s dish.

Just mix baking soda with sugar and sprinkle it around affected areas. These ants love sweets, and they will be allured by the sugar in the mixture, but the baking soda in this mix will kill them.

3. Sticky Tapes can do the Trick

Use tape which has strong adhesive power. Duct tapes are sturdy and sticky enough, but you can go for any double-sided tape. Pull the strap and stick it around your dog’s food bowl. Stick some directly on the bowl to restrict the moment of ants.

4. I Marked Water Barrier

It is an advantage for us that the ant can’t swim therefore we can create a moat around the dog’s food bowl. Place a large aluminum disposal pan and keep that in the middle of his food bowl.

Now, fill approximately 2 inches of water in it. Here you are happy to go because now ants can’t make it to your pooch’s food bowl anymore.

5. Vaseline (Yeah, it works!!)

Preventing ants from a dog food bowl

Flip the bowl upside down and apply Vaseline to your pets’ dish now, you will not be finding ants around that area. They won’t be able to crawl over because of the slipperiness and sticky quality of the Vaseline.

Remember this trick might be messy because dogs might smear Vaseline. You can look at this as a short-term solution but mention above tips can work for a long-term solution.

Try Making Home Ant Repellent Spray

Making natural home-made spray will also work to prevent ants from attracting a pet food dish. Below are some ideas for ant proof repellent spray!

1. Peppermint Spray

Another substance that ants cannot tolerate is peppermint oil. To make this spray you have to fill the bottle with 12 drops of peppermint essential oil, 2/3 of water, and 2 soup spoons of witch hazel. Shake and mix all the ingredients well. Now you are ready to go. Spray this mixture to all the affected areas of your house.

2. Warm Water and Dish Wash

Many of us don’t know but dish wash soaps are a great option to keep ants away from home.

You just have to mix warm water and dish wash soap in a spray bottle. Apply when required.

3. Tea-Tree Oil Mix

Keep ants away

Tea tree oil mix is one of the best solutions for preventing ants from attracting a dog’s food. To make this mix you have to add 5 to 10 drops of tea tree oil with water into a spray bottle.

Congratulations, you have made non-toxic homemade ant repellent. To make it more aromatic you can add a few drops of peppermint oil too!


How to keep ants away from Dog’s bowl?

You can use many tricks to make your pet food bowl ant proof. Keep your dog’s dish clean and also try to clean the area around his food dish. Make ant repellent spray at home or use baking soda.

Using sticky tape is also a great idea. But you can also make Vaseline barrier around his bowl.

How do I keep ants off my dog?

Some ways to keep ants off your dog are to keep your pet indoor, stop keeping loose food in your home or near your dog. You can put a moat around your pooch’s dinner. Traps the ants or makes them confusing. Guard your pet with Fipronil.

If you have a lot of ants in your home, you should think of getting pest control done.

Can an ant kill a dog?

Ants are dangerous. If you did not know, ants release alkaloid venom that is very menacing. Few dogs but become allergic and some may not. Individual dog face different symptoms from mild to severe. Some dog’s may not handle ant bites thus they can also die.

How can I kill ants?

You can get rid of ants by using a solution made of 50-50 vinegar and water or straight vinegar if it is in your dog’s food bowl. But if it is spread in your entire home, you must undergo a pest control to kill the ants.

White vinegar repels ants and kills them. If ants are bothering you then you should definitely try using diluted vinegar to clean a hard surface such as floors, countertops, windows, etc.


Dogs are messy so their food dish too!

You must keep ants away from dog bowls as Ants release some harmful chemical which might risk their lives. All dogs have individual reactions some might suffer from mild pain and some may also die.

The best solution to deal with this ant problem is either to fool ants or to trap them. The above-mentioned tricks are some ways by which you can avoid ants from your dog’s food bowl.

The Right Way to keep them away forever is by keeping their surroundings and food bowl always clean. Remember to clean their food dishes and that place after his meal is done. This prevents ants from attracting from his bowl, but you can also try some customized home-made anti-ant spray too!


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