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How to Soothe Flea Bites on My Dog?

Have you observed flea bites on dogs? Do you want to soothe flea bites to provide relief to him?

Is he acting weird these days that it has become too difficult to handle him? Then hang on you are at the right place.

Most of the pets suffer from large red spots majorly know as fleabites and like most of the pet owners you are also looking how to get relief from flea bites, isn’t it?

When a flea bites your dog it is the most painful suffering he is going through and do you know that it can also cause anemia?

Fortunately, in this article, you will be informed how you can soothe flea bites on dogs. Also, how you can ease his unbearable pain and get him relief.

Measures to Soothe Flea Bites on Your Dogs

How to Soothe Flea Bites on My Dog

There are many ways to soothe Flea Bites on dogs. Here are some tips which will definitely give relief to your dog’s flea infestations.

1. Directly Consult any Veterinarian

Ask the vet what will work to soothe flea bites of your dog. Request him to suggest some soothing flea shampoo for your dog. This soothing dog shampoo contains ingredients like oat proteins, aloe Vera, or tea tree oil which reduce the irritation around their bites and give them relief.

2. Go for Medication

Soothing flea bites on dogs

Besides that, you can go for medications. Proper medication will heal itches immediately. You can provide medicine that contains anti-bacterial enzymes it helps to treat flea bites or else you can try topical flea medication. Antihistamine medicine is one of the best medicine.

3. Try Injection

Dog flea bite soothing

If bites are too severe you can go for injection to soothe flea bites, if required. Severe inflammation requires corticosteroids also it has many life-taking side effects, and it should be used under the supervision of doctors only.

There are non-steroid options too available which have minimal side effects such as Cytopoint and Apoquel, but it must be used under the guidance of the doctor.

4. Treat them at Home

Get rid of flea bites

You can give him a cold bath to cure flea infestation!

A cool bathing practice will heal the lesion, and it will reduce the itching and soothe flea bites on your dog. Whereas, a hot bath will swell his spot, and it can increase the pain.

  • Apply Aloe Vera: The anti-inflammatory quality of aloe Vera will cool and soothe itchy spots, but you have to take care that he doesn’t lick the aloe Vera.
  • Sprinkle some baking soda: If your dog has huge flea bites sprinkle baking soda all over his body, but for minimal bites make a mixture of baking soda with water and apply that paste directly to the infected area it will relieve the itches.
  • Oat Bath: Oat baths will not soothe your dog’s flea bites, but also can cure other skin problems too. It helps to cure other skin allergies.
  • Try Epsom Bath: This kind of bath is especially for flea bites around the feet and ankle areas. All you have to do to add 6 tablespoons of Epsom salt and cover his ankles and feet in it. During this practice take care of the dog that he doesn’t drink the Epsom water otherwise he will fall sick. This process should take up to 15 minutes to relieve the itching.

How to Know Your Dog is Bitten by a Flea?

Flea bites are like insect bites as small lesions. It occurs in clusters and can cause at any time of the day. The most frequent place to bite is on the tail, on the back in between the ribs, groin, as well as hind legs.

If you see small red bumps on his skin which he keeps on scratching then it is a sign your pet is bitten by a flea, and he will need to soothe flea bites. These little bumps are swollen and lead to hair loss, scabs red, irritated skin.

Fleas are mostly red as well as brown. They also have six legs. They don’t have wings, but they jump very far. Make sure to protect yourself too when examining your dog.


What is the fastest way to soothe flea bites?

Some natural ways to soothe flea bites are,

  • Wrap ice packs in a towel and apply them directly to the swollen place.
  • Apply some aloe Vera it eases the redness and swelling.
  • Try witch hazel it helps to lessen the irritation and itchiness.
  • Another good option is to rub alcohol on bites.

These all tricks can help to treat flea bites on your dog.

How long does it take for flea bites to heal on a dog?

The process of soothing flea bites depends on the severity of the infestation. Majorly these bites can last anywhere between a few hours to several days, but it also depends on individual dogs for some it may last up to weeks.

What can I put on my dog to relieve itching?

You can spray Apple Cider Vinegar Spray (ACV) it is a natural and safe way, especially for dry and itchy skin. When you spray this mixture circumvent putting vinegar in any open cuts.

The recipe of ACV spray is to fill 50% water and 50% ACV, mix them gently, and spray on your dog’s skin but must take care of the wounds. Avoid spraying ACV mixture on the injured areas of the skin.

This is one of the best way to soothe flea bites and reduce your dog’s itching.


To soothe flea bites, and get relief from them, you should keep your home neat and tidy so that fleas don’t enter your house. Humid places and carpets are fleas’ favorite places. You should replace your carpets and keep your home as dry as possible. Moreover, you can make your own flea repellant at home.

Did you know?

Dog flea collars are a great way to prevent flea bites. Buy a vet recommended flea collar to ensure safety of your dog health.

Skin problems in dogs are common you must take care of your furball and soothe their flea bites. For this, you must consult a vet or try home remedies such as oat bath, Epsom bath, or applying aloe vera gel.

Fleabites are the usual problem faced by most pets. It is essential to soothe flea bites because they trigger a reaction and suspect allergies due to the presence of saliva. Besides this, it can cause anemia too.


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