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How to stop a Dog From Climbing and Jumping a Fence?

Fencing your yard is just not enough to stop a dog from jumping and climbing a fence!

If your dog has escaped the yard once, and you have got expensive fencing done and still stuck with the problem then this article is just for you.

Dogs are stubborn, and they will try to escape your space again, and you really need to stop your dog from jumping and climbing a fence.

But you don’t have to panic anymore because we have tested and given practically safe solutions to prevent your dogs from jumping the fence.

How to keep dogs from jumping fence

How to Prevent Your Dog From Climbing and Jumping a Fence?

To stop your dogs from jumping on top of the fence harness we have listed 7 practical solutions just for you. You can try the below-listed methods.

1. Add an Extra Layer of Fence

Fencing is a great technique to stop dogs from jumping and climbing a fence, but one fence is just enough. Therefore, when you add an extra layer of the fence in your yard the chances of your pet escaping becomes less. This is an effective way of keeping your dogs surrounded in the yard where they belong.

Dogs are great runners and good jumper it is easy for them to jump over the fence but when you layer fences it becomes difficult for them to get out of that.

You can try the L-Footer type of fencing. As the name suggests in L-shape in this wire are laid down against the base of your fence and bend at a 90 degree. So, when your pet escapes from one fence he still cannot escape from this footer.

2. Restricting Dog’s view

Dogs jump from their yard when they see external factors like someone playing outside, or a kid walking home from school, or bird or squirrels playing out. They try to climb the fence and get to their place to have fun.

So when your dog can’t see anyone outside the yard, he will be provoked to get out of the yard. Many times outside dog bark and disturbs your dog this evokes this attention to escape your yard and limiting his vision can help you to prevent your dog from jumping and climbing a fence.

For restricting his vision you can try using a reed fence. It is an inexpensive fence that comes in a roll. You just have to attach this to the inner side of the existing fence. It is made of plastic, and it can be woven through a chain-like fence. This will not completely restrict his vision but can manage to stop the broader vision.

This is one of the tricks you can also try another trick.

3. Grow Plants

Stop dog from climbing fence

You can plant some climbing shrubs for restricting your dog moment. When you plant shrubs around the fence this can work in two ways first for restricting his vision, and secondly, it can also act as an extra layer of fence or layer of defense for him.

But there is also a disadvantage to this, if the plants don’t grow fast your dogs will enjoy destroying them. In spite of the disadvantage, many pet parents have found this as a very helpful method to stop their dog from jumping or climbing a fence.

4. Make PVC fence

The most affordable solution you can have to stop your dog from jumping and climbing a fence is by making a PVC fence by yourself.

To make this you will need:

  • PVC Piping
  • Screw
  • A saw

You have to cut PVC pipes in some 5-inch diameter longitudinally and place them across the top edge of your dog fence. Hold them tightly until you fix them with screws and PVC fencing is done!

5. Use a Dog Playpen

Keep dog away from fence

An outside playpen can work amazingly. The playpen is larger than compared to the traditional crate. Crates are a great option and keep your dog safe in an encircled space. The purpose is to provide security for the dog to give house training it prevents destruction behavior like jumping over the fence.

Investing in a playpen a wise choice. The fence is easily available in the market and you can install it. You can get a fence for every budget.

Using a playpen could possibly make your pet feel bored therefore filing it with chew toys, treats, and keep will keep him entertained yet in an enclosed space hence it will stop him from climbing the fence.

6. Make your yard an enjoyable play

Your dog jumps over the fence when he is bored. Boredom can also lead to jumping or climbing the fence. But you don’t have to worry we have a solution to this too!

You can make your yard an enjoyable place by hiding some treats in the yard. Your pet loves food, isn’t it? This will keep him occupied and engaged and by this, you can prevent your dog from jumping and climbing a Fence.

To avoid boredom you can also try playing games. When you play some of your dog’s favorite games with him, you can enjoy 2 perks at the same time.

First playing the game will make him exhausted, and he will no longer have the energy to jump the fence.

Secondly playing fun games in your yard will make him fond of memories with the yard and will less likely to escape or try to jump off the fence.

7. Try Coyote Roller On The Fence

No climb Coyote Roller dog fence

The coyote roller is a system that protects your pet. It is placed at the top of your fur baby’s fence. Once you have this coyote roller in place, you can stop your dog from climbing the fence.

Even if he tries to escape from the fence, the roller will start rolling and your canine will fall right off your fence.

This works in two ways it keeps your dog in the fence and doesn’t allow outside animals to attack your pet.

8. Remove all Things That Supports him to Escape

You will be amazed to know that you help your dog climb the fence.

Wondering how? Well, all the things which are in your yard somehow help him to make an escape out of the fence. For example the trash box, woods, lawnmowers even a low branching tree.

Dogs are smart animals they can make their move by using these escape supporters. Your dog can climb to a tree and jump from the fence, he can use a pile of woods to jump from the fence. So keep your yard clean and remove all climbing things which can help him to jump a fence.

Continue reading to know more!

Dog jumping over fence

Why Your Dog Jump Fence?

Your dog climbs the fence due to several reasons, and to prevent your dog from jumping and climbing a fence, it is our job to know the reason behind it. Therefore, it becomes essential to know why your dog jumps the fence.

The foremost reason can be they are driving for sex. Dog jumps the fence because of the arousal of sex. They get excited when they see other dogs it is because of this reason. Usually, our dogs become sexually mature approximately around six months. So it is common when your male dog sees female dogs they start looking for escape and jump the fence.

Your furry friend can also climb the fences due to a lack of physical activities. As we know dogs are active animals, and they are always looking for energy dose. When they are enclosed in a space they seek activities and to complete that drive dog jump fence.

Another reason for your dog climbing a fence is due to feelings of abandonment. Yes! It is true. Sometimes when your dog lives in the yard he might feel this. They get disconsolate when they are away from you, so they pound the fence in search of you.

This problem will arise when you go out, but usually, they will not go too far from your house.

Key Takeaways

For stopping your dog from climbing a fence harness, you must know the reason behind it. Once you have the reason you can solve this mystery with the help of our article.

We have covered all possible reasons and safe solutions on how to stop a dog from jumping and climbing a fence. To stop this you can try adding an extra layer of a fence to your yard, restrict his vision from distracting the outside world, remove all things that aid him to escape the yard, or simply you can invest in a playpen.


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