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How to stop a dog from mouthing your hands and arms

Are you unaware how to stop your dog mouthing affection behavior?

Dogs show their affection through their mouth. There is nothing to wonder that a dog explores the world through its mouth.

Internet is full of methods and tricks that give you solutions, but some are useful and a few are not.

You must know the right way of handling dog mouthing affection behavior otherwise indirectly you may harm his mental health. We assure you of the best practice of stopping your dog from mouthing. You can read our article and try our methods to stop your dog from mouthing. We have shed light on some of the best methods.

But you have to train him with a consistent, calm, patient, and committed will and one method at a time.

How to Stop Dog Mouthing Affection

How to Stop Dog Mouthing Affection

We have covered all possible reasons to resolve this issue of yours. You can start resolving the issue one at a time.

1. Under the right guidance and training

You can treat your dog mouthing affection behavior by using positive reinforcement training. This is where you encourage him, reward him when he behaves well.

To do this when he starts biting your hand you just have to stand up and hide your hand. Even when it starts biting wait for him to calm down and later don’t pay attention to him.

If he again starts biting you have to repeat these steps again. This cannot be modified in one night, it will take time, and eventually, he will learn and understand that biting your hands or arms will not lead to getting your attention.

2. Give him other substitutes for chewing

To stop dog mouthing affection you can give the dog a substitute for your hand. You can give him a bone, chew toy, or any toy. This will help him to satisfy his dog mouthing affection, and you can save your hands and arms too!

3. Immediately stop boosting negative training

If we tell you he bites your hands and arms because of you, will you believe this?

Yes, nothing strange about this because sometimes we boost negative training.

As we have already mentioned you should stop giving him attention when he doesn’t behave well. There is a possibility that he might be doing this because you are unknowingly encouraging him to do so.

If you stop rewarding him when he bites you and redirects his focus when he stops doing that it can help you get rid of your dog to mouth you.

4. Try spraying some deterrent spray

No, we are not suggesting something hazardous trick do with your pet.

This deterrent spray is going to be applied on your hand where your pet bites you. With the strong-tasting like if you have sprayed peppermint spray he will not bite you.

How? Every time when your dog mouths your hand his mouthful will be full of bitter taste due to spray.

You have to continue this practice for about two weeks to let your dog register in this mind. Your dog will get tired of this every time when he bites you, he will taste an unpleasant taste every time, and this will lead your dog to stop you mouthing.

You have to consider something before splashing the spray on your hand. Firstly, you have to confirm that you are allergic to the deterrent spray. Secondly, you also have to make sure that your dog doesn’t have any adverse reaction due to the spray. Third, while splashing the spray make sure you keep it away from your mouth and eyes.

5. Play in the right way

When you play with your pooch he often bites your hand which is known as play biting. The time when you pull your hand away it will tempt him to try this again because he will enjoy this and think that you are playing with him.

Before you will get to know about this you would have already encouraged him to do so.

What can be done now?

In place of pulling your hand away, you just stop and pause the game. Then remove your hand from his mouth gently and take a break. Now you can give him a toy or tug or just walk away for some minutes.

Time out during your dog’s playing time highly affect him therefore it works well when you make them learn and redirect his biting behaviour. He will learn quickly enough, that is not appreciated. This is how you have to play with him in the right direction.

6. Consult with a dog behaviourist

If you struggle to find the reason behind your dog biting your hands or arms you can meet a dog behaviourist.

Under the guidance of professionals, you will know the exact reason for this dog behavior. They will also teach you how to deal with the situation very well.

What not to be Done While Stopping dog Mouthing Affection

Dog biting hands

Punishing is not the right way to stop your dog mouthing affection behavior. Any physical or verbal punishment will provoke him to have aggressive behavior. You should avoid any method that involves forcing or any kind of dominance. Instead of that focus on removing things that make your dog bite you.

Avoid muzzling, when you play with your dog wiggle your dog nearby his mouth it instigates him to bite your hand more. Therefore, avoid muzzling.

Don’t try all methods at one time. When you teach your dog to stop dog mouthing affection, try one step at a time. It makes it easier for your dog to understand and register that in his mind.

Don’t pull your hands hardly when he bites you. This encourages him to do more often as he will start to enjoy playing with you.

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How to stop dog mouthing my hands?

To stop your dog from biting your hands you have to try some tricks

  • Give him the alternative of your hand for chewing like you can replace it with a chew toy or with a bone.
  • Discourage and don’t pay attention when he bites you in search of asking attention.
  • You can try the deterrent spray on your hand where he bites you.
  • You can go for professional guidance.

Why does my dog mouth me?

Your dog bites your hands to seek attention, maybe he is trying to soothe his teeth and gums, requesting you play with him when he is trained not well, or maybe because of excitement.

Another reason is that your dog may have learned bite inhibition while playing with other dogs. Now, he is trying it on you.

Is it fine to hold a dog’s mouth shut?


It is okay to hold your dog’s mouth shut in fact it is positive punishment. It is not a way of showing dominance you can hold your dog’s mouth shut it is safe to do so.

How can I tell my dog I love him?

You can show affection to your dog by doing below things

  • You can rub his ears or pat his head.
  • Likewise, you can lean on him while he is sitting next to him
  • Try gazing into his eyes softy
  • You snuggle him

Wrap up

Your pooch biting your hands and arms is a kind of showing affection. Most pet owners face this more often. If he does more often it can irritate your skin. Therefore, it is important to know how to stop dog mouthing affection.

You can stop this by giving him the right guidance, you can provide him a chew toy to soothe his gums, or try the deterrent spray on your hand. If nothing works you can go for professional help.

Try one method of dog mouthing affection behavior at a time!


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