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15 Tricks to Stop Your Dog Slipping and Sliding on the Floors (Hard, Wood, tiles, etc.)

Do you want to stop your dog slipping and sliding? Is he slipping more often these days?

Do you know when dogs get older, arthritis or any general leg problem this directly harms their mobility, and it makes it worse for them to walk on specific surfaces like hardwood floors or tile floor.

If your dog is slipping and facing issues while getting up and down, this can shatter his confidence to walk.

And due to this fear, he may never wish to walk!

This is an alarming time to look for a solution. We have got 15 ways to stop your dog sliding and slipping on floors be it hard or wooden floors. These all methods and tricks are tested by us, and they are safe and easy to try.

Trick to stop your dog from slipping

15 Ways to Prevent Slipping and Sliding of Your Dog on the Floor

1. Fix Cracks First

Dogs have in-built traction control in their paw pads, yet this can also be a reason of slipping and sliding.

Wondering how isn’t it? Well, their paw pads work exactly like those tires in your car. When they tear out they don’t give grip similarly when your pet paws get dry or are cracked they also stop giving them grips.

You can check their crack spots and can identify whether these spots are real reasons or not. If yes, we can fix this by the application of paw balm. These are moisturizers crafted for your dog’s paw pads.

Simply apply paw balm over the affected area and give a little massage with your fingers. The reason why your dog’s paw pads get cracked can be because of some medical condition, or allergies, as well as due to nutritional problems.

If you doubt then you can try our next trick.

2. Directly Consult any Vet

There are some medical reason for your dog to slip on the floor such as

  • Arthritis
  • Joint issue
  • Nerve damage
  • Disk problem
  • Physical injuries

Arthritis is one of the common reasons for a dog to slip on the floor. This happens when there is a chronic inflammation of the joints. When joints lack cartilage and joints fluid they suffer from shock absorption and one bone collides with the other bone which is the cause of pain and inflammation.

Disk Problem is not commonly found in elder dogs, and sometimes it may occur for no reason. Weakness can be caused because of inflammation as the nerves go to the back legs. Consulting a vet for a back problem is a must. If it is not treated on time, a disc may facture into the spinal cord, and alas! That can lead to permanent paralysis.

Joint issue

A torn ligament can produce a lack of stability in dogs. Because their knees are affected and may not be stable for a longer time. By chance, if both the knees are a failed it can lead to serious weakness in his rear leg. If knee caps are misplaced it can lead to sickness and weakness.

Therefore, considering vet advice is necessary!

3. Go for an Anti-slip Manicure

Trimming dog nails to prevent slipping

Going for an anti-slip manicure means trimming their nails because nails are also the reason for your dog to slip off more often.

They reduce the power of gripping stability. When nails get bigger the strength shifts to his nails instead of toe pads. The weight on the nails leads to sliding on the floor.

If you find difficulty in trimming his nail at home you can consult with groomers too for that. Trimming long nails is a complex task you have to be extra cautious if not done properly it may lead to pain, bleeding, and that pain might last long forever!

4. Use Rugs or Mats on the Floor

This is one of the best way to stop your dog slipping and sliding.

Give your pet sure footing simply by placing rugs or mats on your floor.

Get especially slip-resistant carpet or rug which has a rubber backing. These rugs make them skid-resistant. You just have to place this where he spends most of the time.

Mats have the power to hold your pet in the position they are useful in walking inside the hard, wood flooring house. If you don’t want to change your aesthetic flooring by covering mats you can also try our next tip.

5. Use Pull up Socks for Dogs

A good pair of socks works! This is the easiest way to stop your dog slipping and sliding on smooth surfaces!

It actually makes your dog slip-resistant. But, not all socks have this magical power. These dog socks are unique they have non-slip quality in the inner side which gives your pup sure footing and good traction on a slippery floor.

6. Apply Paw Wax

There is paw wax also available in the market these days which can help your pet walking on slippery and smooth surfaces. But some say it is effective and some claim no it is not!

Well, paw wax is nothing but just wax with traction quality that offers extra stability to your pet while he is walking on a slippery surface.

To use this you just have to take a little wax and apply it over each paw and your dog is ready for a great walk! When this goes off you have to again apply it, this is a temporary solution but useful.

Before purchasing paw wax always confirm the ingredients, avoid taking wax that contains paraffin wax they are the worst and can make him slip more often instead of that you can choose those wax that contains beeswax they are great and have non-slip quality.

Continue scrolling to find out more amazing ways to stop your dog slipping and sliding!

7. Try Boots for Good Grips

Dog boots to stop your dog from sliding

You can try shoes, yes you read it right! A dog shoes.

Dog boots are made to offer high traction to your pet when walking on the slippery floor. A dog commonly comes with a rubber sole, suede which helps to offer better grip. You cannot give shoes to those who are weak, have neurological issues also to those who have arthritis it is harmful to them.

Always check the length of the boots, take a little longer boot for better fitting.

8. Toenails Gripper

Had you ever thought that such a small thing can help you to stop your dog slipping and sliding on floors?

Toenail grippers are small rings that you have to fit over your dog’s nails.

These toe rings increase the grip zone and help them to get traction. It can be worn for 24 hours a day you don’t have to take them off. It compliments dogs who suffer from dermatitis as they allow aeration of the paws. But, you have to be extra careful because they can fall off. It also depends on the individual patients how busy they are and where they walk.

This can last up to a month and by chance, if your dog loses them, it might be costly for you.

9. Renovate Your Flooring

If your budget allows you, you can replace the flooring of your house!

While changing make sure you consider the flooring with a coefficient of friction of 0.6 or higher. You don’t have to renovate the whole house but only those rooms where your best friend spends most of his time. This might prove to be an expensive way to stop your dog slipping and sliding. But this method works really well.

10. Splash Some Foot Spray

Foot spray is a savior.

Dog foot spray is an anti-slip spray that helps your dog to walk even of the slipperiest floor with great ease. Just like normal spray you have to splash some anti-slip spray on your little dog’s paw. It is unnoticeable and non-sticky and no one can even imagine that your dog has a traction issue. One splash will last up to a day.

With this benefit, there comes a con too! Just like paw wax, it is also a temporary solution.

Well, looking on the bright side you can carry this spray wherever you want, and also gives you an instant solution.

11. Apply Adhesive Paw Grippers

Dog gripper to prevent slipping

Who said you can’t stop your dog slipping and sliding on floors?

Paw grippers are simple stickers that you have to stick on your dog’s feet and increases your pooch’s toe grip.

There are just like a band-aid.

You just have to peel the backside of the sticker and stick it straight to your dog’s feet. These grippers have non-slip quality and the pattern also gives him additional holding power when they are pressed against the hardwood floors.

These packets contain 24 sets, which you can easily use for a month. You can save more gripper if you just apply them on the back two paws rather than all the four feet

12. Training Will Work

You can give your dog training to modify their behavior.

How? By guiding them when they are walking on slippery floors.

When your pet walks on a slippery surface they get terrified and start walking awkwardly. You can calm them down and give them proper guidance. It is not advisable for older dogs and those dogs too who have arthritis or suffering from physical injuries. Yet, you can teach them to correct that fear of walking on the floor.

There are a lot of ways to help your older dogs to walk. You can teach him to walk gently on a leash. But, in an interesting way. You have to make him walk lightly on the rugs and give him treats within a few steps and remember to praise them a little extra on every achievement.

Make sure you don’t pull him to walk on the surface where he is not comfortable walking and also that he doesn’t have fear while walking on the slippery floor.

You just have to modify your dog behavior otherwise it will become his habit.

13. Create Gate Barriers

Gate barrier is an amazing solution for those pet owners whose houses have mixed flooring like carpets and tile floors.

If one area of your house has slippery tiles then you can block your pet moment in that particular area by making a gate that will work as a barrier. It is just like a baby gate but for dogs.

This is an awesome solution to stop your dog slipping and sliding on floors.

14. Maintain Hairs Near Paws

We all love our pet’s fur it is so soft and smooth that we can’t stop running our fingers.

Fur makes them look more adorable, isn’t it? But, these can be a reason for their unstable walk too!

This furry friend has hair all over the body and when you lift his paw, you will see fur between his paw pads too! When his fur grows it cover the paw pads and this can get them into trouble while walking.

Long fur underneath the paw can make him slip while walking. It is just like running in furry slippers for us. To avoid this problem you must groom your pet’s feet or take him to a groomer.

15. Sticky Stick, Pawfrictioners

Dog paw friction for anti-slipping

This Paw friction is a new product in the market. It is a paw pad coating for dogs who cannot walk or face difficulty in standing.

To use this you just have to dip your dog’s paw into a bowl of pulverized rubber. Later it forms a layer on this paw, and he can walk without slipping on the floor.

By applying this grating covering to your canine, it upgrades his descending leg power by forestalling slipping and splay legging.

It is safe and completely non-toxic and one application can work for about 2 weeks. Sounds interesting right!

After reading these 15 tips, you will never find it hard to stop your dog slipping and sliding on floors!

The End Note

Slipping and sliding in your pet is a serious issue. As a pet owner, it is important to understand this issue and stop your dog slipping and sliding.

There are various ways to stop slipping in your pets like applying some anti-slip spray, heal their crack paws by applying paw balm, and also go for paw wax, trimming nails, using toe grip, etc. if still, nothing works you can consult a vet directly.

This serious problem should be solved immediately and if not your pet may lose his confidence to walk.

If you know any more tricks or tips on how to stop your dog slipping and sliding, don’t hesitate to share it with me in the comment section.


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