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Why does my dog bite my hands and arms?

Just like other pet owners are you also struggling to know why does my dog bite my hands and arms?

Dogs biting their pet owners are a very common practice. It is bearable up to some extent but when it becomes frequent and consistent, it starts irritating you and to your skin too!

They do this more often to seek your attention or if he is a puppy he might try to soothe his gums by doing this. There are many reasons. If you are interested to know the reasons behind it, then this article is just for you.

We have covered all probable motives why my dog bite my hands and arms.

Why does my dog bite my hands and arms?

Why does my dog bite my hands and arms

There are multiple motives why a dog bite my hands and arms, and we have considered most of the reasons in this article. You can read more to know why does he bite you.

1. Looking for Attention

Your dog might bite your hands and arms because he wants attention. It is similar to humans action. When we want someone’s attention we tap their hand or should similarly it is a dog’s way of seeking attention.

This may also happen because you might pay attention only when he bites your arm. When in this situation you should not pay attention when he does that to you.

The dog wants its pet owner’s attention and to seek their attention he communicates this through non-verbal behavior.

Have you notices they do this more often when you pay more attention to the other?

2. Not Groomed Well

When in the early stage of a dog’s life they are not taught to behave well they think it is fine to bite your hands. If you don’t groom your dog at his growing age he will adapt to this behaviour forever. This behaviour of him should be modified because this could lead to harmful effects to you.

3. Out of Excitement

A dog bite my hands and arms when he excited and wants to show his excitement to you.

You must have noticed that when you come home or when you take him for a walk he bites you more often during that time this is because he gets excited and out of excitement he bites your hand.

To handle this situation you should withdraw his attention from your hands and arms and start rewarding him when it stops biting you.

4. Asking you to play with them

Dogs are very mouthy beings and their sharp teeth can scapes things a lot easier. Dogs explore the world through their mouth. They use their mouth to play.

Play is vital for dogs just as it is for kids, so when they want to play with you, they tend to grab your hands or arms. Basically, they are asking you to play with them. Humans’ skin is sensitive, and you’re biting your hand could be dangerous. Therefore, it is important to teach them the right of asking things.

5. Soothing his gums

When dogs are puppy they bite and nibble you because biting on things helps them to soothe their gums. Their teething process approximately goes on for 2-3 months. During this time they start biting anything they get be it your pillow or shoes or your hand.

How to deal with this?

At this time you must help them in teething by providing things to chew like toys or a bone, but you should also start guiding them too, so they learn how it is meant to behave.

Things to ponder about a dog biting your hand!

Stop dog biting
  • If you wiggle your hands around your dog’s face you should stop doing that.
  • Don’t pull your hand hardly when he bites you.
  • Never punish your dog physically for mouthing.
  • Make him do a lot of exercises and entertain him.
  • Provide good chew toys as positive reinforcement.
  • Don’t stop playing and his mouthing all of a sudden together.

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Why does my dog bite my hands and arms?

Mouthing or play biting in dogs are common and natural. It is their way of communicating just like we do with our hands. It is not aggressive, but sometimes it can be irritating to us. Some people can misinterpret this as aggression.

How can I stop my dog from biting my hands and arms?

There are multiple ways to stop your dog from biting your hands. One way could be by giving him proper training, offer him the alternative for chewing like a chew toy or a bone, or you can also consult a dog behaviorist.

Is dog mouthing a sign of affection?


As dogs explore their world through their mouth they also show their affection towards you by biting your hand. They usually bite your hand when you take him outside for playing or when you come home from outside. He is delighted and shows his affection by mouthing you.

How do you calm an excited dog?

You can calm your dog from being over-excited all the time into a calmer pooch by following 4 steps

  • Never encourage their excited behaviour
  • Always encourage calm behaviour
  • Take your dog outside
  • Keep yourself calm too


Dogs are social and active animals they explore their world with the help of mouth. Dog bite my hands and arms can be a very common habit. This becomes irritating when he does this more often.

They bite you because they might want to play with you, might try to show their excitement, when they have trained not adequately they do this.

But you must make sure little things that he doesn’t bite you. You should not wiggle your hand more often near your dog’s face, never pull your hand hardly when he bites it encourages him to play with you. You should not punish your dog physically for mouthing, entertain him to make him less bored also you can give him chew toys.

Is it fine to let your dog do this? This is all up to your choice. But if you don’t then you can try consulting a dog behaviorist to know how to deal with this.


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