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Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me?

That day when I saw flea eggs in the fur of my dog, I knew exactly what I will be dealing with in upcoming holiday.

But to my shock, I woke up the next morning to having two red dots on my arm, one being on my finger.

Now, I wasn’t sure why does my dog’s flea bites me?

Dog flea bites on humans is very common, and it is tough to handle too!

At that time, I didn’t know that dog flea nibbling human is very common.

I am sure most pet owners deal with the issue of dog flea bites on a daily basis. Initially, we don’t bother them, but it is a matter of concern.

 Stop Fleas From Biting Me And My Dog
Stop Fleas From Biting Me And My Dog

Why Does My Dog Flea Bite Me?

If your dog is constantly scratching his fur these days that means he is suffering from a serious issue.

If your dog has fleas it becomes difficult to handle them. Eventually, they develop this abnormal behavior, and they start flea-biting you too!

Flea nibbling can cause your dog’s life!

One major reason why your dog flea bites you, is the presence of fleas on their skin. Other than this when they are bored they tend to a flea bite their owner, but sometimes it is part of showing affection towards you, or maybe they are trying to groom.

If you think your dog flea bites you, due to boredom then try distracting them. Take them on long walks or try playing with them by using chew toys.

dog flea bite me

It may seem it is not dangerous. But it is important to know the root of why does dog flea bites you. Sometimes these small habits can cause discomfort to your best friend and make their life hell.

The following methods can help you how to tackle flea biting.

  • You can comb their fur regularly as it helps to prevent fleas from attracting their fur. Try skin grooming your dog once a week through dry bathing.
  • You should consistently clean the paws of your pal. Use pet-friendly wipes to remove the dirt off.
  • Try taking him out for a regular walk and involve him in some physical exercises.
  • Distract him from getting bored and keep him engaged.
  • Examine him on regular basis to check fleas are present or not.
  • You can also give him a chew toy to distract him from nibbling his fur.

What happens if a Dog Flea Bites you?

Dog flea bites are scary it has many common symptoms. If they bites you, your skin becomes itchy and sore which can be painful.

After biting, you can have rashes in nearby infected areas or may develop hives. Simultaneously scathing can further damage your skin and cause bacterial infection too!

symptoms of flea bite on humans

Drawbacks of Flea Biting

Dog flea bites can spread various illness to your fur baby. For instance, Tapeworms, Flea allergy dermatitis, Bartonellosis.

Flea allergy is an allergic condition caused by fleabites. It can trigger their immune system also. Some common symptoms of flea allergy are skin irritation and itchiness, hair loss, and skin infection.


Tapeworms can occur due to nibbling. While scratching there are high chances of swallowing fleas. Due to this if fleas go to their intestine it can lead to tapeworms.

After they enter their digestive system they can attach themselves to the intestinal lining by using their sucker-like mouth organ.

When flea enters your dog skin they start multiplying and as many fleas are reproduced they will bite.

Huge flea biting means huge blood loss! That can lead to the risk of anemia in them. Once they are hit by anemia they start becoming weak, lethargic, rapid breathing, etc.


A dog flea bite can give birth to a bacterial called bartonella, which results in the cause of bartonellosis.

This disease can route to many symptoms in dogs which include fever, nausea or loss of appetite, regular heartbeat, vomiting, and diarrhea. But it depends on the individual dog.


Why does my dog nibble on me?

The reason why your dog flea biting you could be the presence of fleas in his skin and another reason can be a feeling of boredom.

Flea biting you can also be part of showing their affection toward you.

How can I tell if my dog has fleas?

You have to carefully examine his skin we check whether your dog has flea or not. If his skin has tiny, dark insects that are smaller it is a flea. They tend to live near their armpit, groin area because of the warmness in that area.

You can comb his fur with a fine toothed comb. If he has fleas you will detect fleas while brushing his coat.

Why do dog flea bite me and not others?

Regardless of their gender, fleas can suck blood. They generally prefer the blood of your pet over yours. So it is unusual if it bites you. It may happen occasionally but not frequently.

Can I catch fleas from my dog?

Yes, you can easily catch fleas from your dog and stop the problem if dog flea bites once and for all.

Some common ways to remove fleas are;

  • Teach him playful dog behavior so that he doesn’t get bore and start nibbling his fur.
  • You can try some medical tick collar that releases medicine through his full body and kill fleas.
  • Go for regular medical check-ups.


Dog Flea bites are a common problem suffered by most of the dogs. It is a serious issue as it can risk the life of your pet.

We have shed light on why your dog flea bites you. It should be considered as a serious issue. They usually tend to flea bite you due to the presence of fleas, or they are showing their affection towards you. You can try various methods as shown in this article on how to prevent fleas from your dog.

Try to maintain his fur, comb regularly. You can go for regular check-ups too! Moreover, try involving them in some physical activities. Distract this abnormal behavior otherwise, it will become a permanent unhealthy habit.


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