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Why Does My Dog Roll on his Toys? (Now I Know)

Why does dog have to do all these weird stuffs, like, why does dog roll on his toys?

So many pet owners, actually wish, like literally wish, that their dog could speak!

why does my dog roll in his toys

Because that is the only way to find out why, for god’s sake, your dog has to only do weird things.

One of the many weird things dogs do is roll on his toys.

You bought some cool brand-new toys so that your dog could play with them. Instead, your dog roll on his toys.

Funny, isn’t it?

NO!!! Not for me!

Because it took me so many experiments and studies to actually find out why dog roll on his toys.

Why Does my Dog Roll on his Toys? (5 Reasons)

Dogs roll on his toys can be very funny and cute. But many pet parents are extremely conscious about everything that their dog does. Thus, they worry is it safe if the dog roll on his toys or not.

But, now all those conscious parents can simply relax.

In this article, you will find 5 most common reasons why dog roll on his toys.

Let’s get in to it, shall we?

Because he is Happy

Do you really think, there is a reason behind every thing that your dog does?


Trust me, but dogs do not need any reason to do weird stuff.

So, next time you see your dog roll on his toys and smiling, just relax. He is doing so just because your dog is happy.

Some days your dog might just be feeling blissful and contented. Which is why he chose to roll on his favorite toy today. It is their way of letting their parent know that they are feeling happy and a way to say ‘Thank You’ as well.

Simply, join them in their fun and double their happiness.

Itchy Skin can be a Reason

This is a very obvious reason. Your dog has an itchy skin or irritation, and to get relief from it, your dog is scratching his back against his toys.

why does dogs roll on their toys


Dogs may do strange things, but they are also smart enough to understand that some of their toys can provide them relief from an itch.

You can identify, if a dog roll on his toys because of an itch by looking at the toys he chooses. If he picks up a hard object then chances are that he is having an itchy skin.

If he is doing this very frequently, you need to take it seriously. It could be a serious skin infection which needs to be treated. Take him to your vet and follow his instructions carefully.

Smarty is marking his Territory

Dog roll on his toys is his unique way to mark their territory, without squatting or lifting their legs!

Dogs tend to leave their personal scent on all of their objects, to let others know, especially other pets, that they are around, and it is their toy.

Don’t you dare touch it!

Dogs are quite particular about their things, but then aren’t we all?

So, how can you tell that your dog is rolling on his toys to mark his territory?

Observe the body movements. It will speak a lot. If your dog drops his head first to the ground, followed by their shoulders and the rest of their body, then you must understand that the dog is marking his territory.

He is Craving for Your Attention

dogs roll for attention

Humans are always busy, and sometimes so busy that we forget that we have a dog who needs our time and attention too.

If you continuously forget about your dog, he will try various tactics, to grab your attention. One of those tactics is rolling on his toys. Rolling on his toys is his playful way of telling you that he wants to have some fun time with you.

So, next time when you see that your dog roll on his toys with his cute puppy emotional eyes, take it as an indication, that he is calling you to spend some quality time with him.

He is Just Being Obsessive

The last reason in my list for why do dogs roll on his toys is because they are being obsessive or anxious. They might be feeling fearful regarding something.

You can know by your dog’s body language and expression if he is feeling obsessive or fearful.

If he is doing this not so often, then you do not have to worry. But, if he starts growling every time he rolls on his toys and looks fiercely at you, then you need to treat his behavior.

Dog roll on his toys could be a way of possessing them. If they are feeling threatened in any way, they will start being obsessive.

You can start by asking yourself whether you got a new pet or has your home environment change frequently?

3 Tips to Cease Your Canine From Rolling on his Toys

If you are someone who do not like their dogs rolling on their toys, then I have 3 secret yet easy tips, that will help you to stop your dog from doing so.

train dog to not roll on their toys

I will guide you, so that you can train your dog to develop a behavior where he will no more roll on his toys.

Tip 1: The “Leave It” Technique

This is the most common technique. Teach your dog the “Leave it” command.

You need to follow four simple steps to carry out this technique.

  • Get your lovely canine on a leash in a room where there are a lot of toys.
  • Let them play and have some good time. Watch them closely.
  • When you see that they are about to roll on their toys, immediately say “Leave it”.
  • Lastly, reward your dog when they follow your command. Give a treat that you do not give him very often. This will make sure that your dog will follow your command.

This technique is all about timing. If you do not give the command at the right time, all your efforts will go in vain.

Once, your dog is well-trained with this technique, try the same without his leash.

Tip 2: Do not Punish Your dog

Rolling on toys is a very common dog behavior. You will find it in almost all the dogs. So, it does not make any sense punishing or scolding your dog.

Raising your voice will further confuse them, and they will not understand what is that they have done wrong. Instead, you can speak with them, that you do not like your dog roll on his toys.

Studies have shown that when you scold your dog, it makes them anxious and increases their stress level. It also leads to extremely negative effects on their mental and physical wellbeing.

Tip 3: Provide a Distraction

Does your dog not come to you when you call his name? Are you also getting ignored?

Don’t worry, I have got a solution for this problem.

Always have a good recall in place, when you call your dog. This will make sure that he always comes to you, when you call him.

So, the question is, how can you have a good recall?

The trick is whenever you call your dog, and he responds, always show them positive behavior. Show them that you are pleased. Give them a treat so that they remember to come to you, when you call them.

Later, you can add distractions.

For instance, if your dog is playing in the field, and you see that he is rolling on his toys, call their name and say “Come”.

You can distract them by giving puzzle toys or by playing with them. Doing so, your dog will forget about rolling on his toys.


Is it safe for dogs to roll on his toys?


It is safe for dogs to roll on his toys unless it is a sharp toy. Sharp toys can hurt your dog’s back and that is why you need to be careful if your dog is rolling on a toy which is sharp. Rolling on sharp toys can be painful, if it hurts your dog.

Soft toys are perfectly okay and fine to roll on. So, let your dog have a good time, if he is rolling on a tennis balls or a soft rabbit that you bought for him.

Why does my dog roll on things?

There are many reasons, why dog rolls on his toys or other things.

It is their way to show trust and submissiveness. It can also be an act of defense while they are fighting. Dogs like to roll on their toys, your child’s toy or even on the grass.

Some dogs simply roll because it makes them happy or gives a kind of pleasure to them. While, other dogs roll to because they have an itchy skin. You will have to find out, why your dog rolls, by looking at their body language and their expressions.


Dogs are strange, and they sometimes do strange things too. Rolling on their toys is jut one of them, from a very big list.

If you ask me, I do not mind my dog enjoying some time by rolling on his toys because I make sure that all his toys are safe to roll on.

I only mind, if he is doing so because he has an itchy skin or fur. In that case, I take him immediately to his vet.

Other than that, I do not find any harm in when my dog roll on his toys.

Let me know in the comments section, how helpful you found this blog!


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