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8 Reasons Why Your Dog Stands on You

Do you also wonder why does a dog stand on me? And what does that means?

Dogs communicate non-verbally to us, they tell us everything with their body language and expressions. Secondarily if they don’t communicate non-verbally they do this by vocalization.

Possibly he might be looking for attention or trying to protect you or asking you to play with him. Well, there could be various reasons for this and if you want to know all the possible reasons you can read our article to know the right reason and how to fix this issue.

Why does my Dog Stand on me

Why does a Dog Stand on me?

There is a various combination of reasons for why a dog stand on me. We have listed all the reasons why he does that to you. You can scroll to know more.

1. Seeking Attention

Sometimes when you way too busy with your routine and can’t help to pay attention to your dog it makes him feel low and to grab some attention for himself he tries this by standing on you.

There is another possibility that a dog stand on me because you might give extra attention when he climbs on you while playing or doing something casual.

2. Feeling of Security

The root of this behaviour could be because he feels insecure when he is not around you.

Have you observed when there are fireworks outside a dog stand on me?

This is because he becomes insure of the environment and comes to you to feel more secure.

3. Guarding you

They protect you by standing on you!

Sometimes a dog stand on me because he wants to shield us. This is more likely to be happening when any stranger comes nearby you. Also, this can be possible when you are around other animals and peoples.

Dog climbing on me

It comes out of security, he shields you when strangers are around you.

4. Being Bossy!

Some people believe that their dog is dominant therefore a dog stand on me. According to the alpha theory of dogs, it is said that dogs’ hierarchy structure belongs to the wolves’ family. And they are dominant because of this. Well, it is a myth.

The dynamics of wolves and dogs are very distinct. It is widely believed that domestic dogs don’t have a trait of dominance in them. Your dog may do this is because of bullying behavior that could be more likely to be a sign of showing aggression or possibly because he wants you to move.

Does that signify you should allow your pooch to stand on you?

Well, it all depends on your choice of dog training.

5. Lack of Training Manners

Your dog standing on you could also be possible because of a lack of proper training. It might be because you have taught him to do it by giving things that he wants when a dog stand on me. Like giving him treats, extra attention, or toy when he tries to stand over you. Then he is more likely to do this in order to receive such things.

You should modify these behaviors of him. When he is looking for something, and he tries to stand on you don’t pay attention and give a treat when he is well-behaving. You have to redirect the guidance. This lack of adequate dog training will make him misbehave everywhere you go out with him or at the house.

6. In need of Cuddles

Dogs love cuddling and some dog breeds are cuddle seekers, but it is limited to individual dog preferences.

Dog standing on you

When they want to cuddle and sleep with you, they might like standing on you otherwise they do when they wait for you and observe whether you are settling down for a while or not. There could be various reasons such as when they are feeling cold, lonely, or just when they want to enjoy your company.

Fur babies are social animals just like us, they get delighted to be around people. They also enjoy company for yours, and he looks for a companion if anyone is available either it is for walking, playing games, or sleeping.

7. When not feeling so great

Did you notice when your dog becomes anxious he behaves weirdly?

This is because they don’t feel so great, also there are various reasons why he feels under the weather. Especially when your puppy is recovering from an illness, he may come next to you and ask for a cuddle and attention.

Affection heals all the relations of problems, and it is good for any type of dog health issue.

Even we seek for affection!

In some extreme cases, you may find him sitting just behind you. You are the only emotional support for your dog in tough times he is just being close to you by standing on you.

8. Asking for Playtime

As we know dogs love playing games, and they are very active animals.

When he wants to play he does stand on you and request you to can we play, please? They will do this more often when he is looking to spend some fun time with you.

When he wants to go out for a walk or when he wants to play a game with you, he will try to do this more often.

Dog standing on me

Hold on if you want to resolve this issue!

How to fix this issue of Standing?

We already know the root of this issue, where it comes from, why he tries to do this, etc This can be solved by various means such as

Train till he behaves well: You might require a lot of training sessions with your pet. With proper dog training, he will learn how to behave and see you as a leader. If you have not trained him much it is important to do so starting with some basics.

Stop paying attention when he stands on you: As already mentioned your dog tries to stands on you when he wants your attention. If you stop noticing him when he does that, he may stop repeating this. Also, you can do this by giving him training. You have to train him to lay down at a certain spot.

When you command him with positive reinforcement training and tell him to lay down whenever he starts standing over you then this problem could be solved.

You go to a dog behaviorist: If you are still facing the issue of why a dog stand on me, or you can’t stop him doing this the best answer would be to consult a dog behaviorist. By this, you will be able to learn how to train him securely.

Summing it All Up!

Dogs are social animals they seek affection and attention. They communicate to us through their body and if he is standing on you then there is some hidden meaning added to it.

There are a lot of possibilities why a dog stand on me. They might ask you to play with him, may want to cuddle you, seeking attention, or maybe feeling insecure. There could be various meanings attached to it. You will have to find it by yourself. We have dropped various reasons and solutions on how to deal with this.

In the end, it is all up to you!


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