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How Long Does Rawhide Take to Digest in Dog? (Dangerous Signs)

Want to buy Rawhide considering it is good for dog’s teeth? But How Long Does Rawhide Take to Digest in Dog?

We invest a great deal of time and energy ensuring that the things our furry little guys eat keep them healthy.

We provide them different chew treats and chew toys, rawhides, for example, in any case, rarely do we ask the question “How long does rawhide take to digest in the dog”?

To sum it up, It takes 3-5 days for dogs to digest rawhide fully. According to AKC, “Rawhide digestibility can vary from dog to dog and from chew to chew.”

Well, it can take 3-6 hours or even more than 24 hours. In some cases even months, but for that to happen there are certain things to keep in mind, as well as it depends on the rawhide and your dog.

We have discussed such factors in this post so that after reading it you will be less oblivious especially when it comes to rawhides.

How Long Does Rawhide Take to Digest in Dog

Is Rawhide Digestible?

Digestibility is different for every human and the same goes for dogs, it can vary from dogs to dogs.

To be honest, the rawhides are not digestible, and so if not chewed properly it is best to remove them manually rather than letting your dog swallow them, which can cause digestion problems, irritations, and regurgitation.

However, smaller pieces of rawhide that are swallowed by your dog are not directly dissolved but passed out in poop.

That being said, digestion also depends on which product you are offering, make sure that the rawhide is made from more digestible ingredients and are whipped & minced well.

Thick rawhides are better as it takes time to chew them while at the same time keeping your dog busy.

Dogs who take their time to chew properly and do not swallow large pieces have no trouble in digesting the small parts of rawhides. So it is recommended to supervise your pup to check if he/she is chewing or gulping or gnawing on them.

The next thing to consider is the chewing style of your dog.

It depends on the breed that you have, for instance, a Rott will not chew the same as a Bichon Frise. Some are delicate chewers while others are aggressive ones, so it is crucial to give them rawhide that supports their nature.

Lastly, if you are looking to purchase some rawhides make sure that they are manufactured in the USA, as most of them are better in quality and ingredients, albeit costly.

Most of the rawhides are made in China and from the skin that is picked up from the slaughterhouses to prevent decay.

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How Long does it take for Rawhide to be digested?

According to different researches, the rawhide is not edible and cannot be digested if swallowed in larger portions, and you should be as worried as if your canine gulped part of a shoe.

The larger pieces are not digestible and can stay in your dog’s stomach for months causing a ton of gastrointestinal issues and intestinal blockage.

It is important to note here that it only poses risk if your dog swallows huge pieces of rawhide.

So as long as the rawhide is from a better manufacturer with better ingredients and it is ideal for your canines chewing nature as well as your dog is not swallowing large parts of rawhide then it should not be a matter of concern.

There are certain places in the dog’s body where the larger pieces can stuck, and they are as follows:

  • Trachea:- Otherwise known as the windpipe, this is the first place where the rawhide might get stuck. So if you find your pup struggling and choking then it might be a sign and you should immediately visit a veterinarian.
  • Esophagus:- The next place the hide can stuck is the pipe that connects the mouth of the dog to the stomach, the Esophagus. The symptoms may include regurgitation as well as drooling.
  • Stomach and Intestine:- The last place the rawhide can cause trouble is the stomach and the intestines which include symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and pain in the abdomen.

What to do if the dog swallowed Rawhide?

If you find out that your dog swallowed a huge portion of rawhide the first thing is to visit the doctor immediately.

If you are not aware of whether your canine has gulped rawhide or not then there are certain symptoms that you can observe.

Check if you can provide home treatment, if the rawhide piece is small then it will pass, but if it is huge then make sure to seek help.

Keep monitoring the appetite schedule and bathrooms to ensure that your dog is not having any difficulty, also check the breathing and heartbeat rate of your dog.

dogs fighting for Rawhide
  • Signs

There is a wide range of symptoms that include vomiting, choking, diarrhea, drooling, pain, regurgitation, fever, weakness, losing appetite, and bowel obstruction. If you find these signs don’t ignore them and look out for help immediately.

  • Prevention

The only way to prevent this is to not allow your pup to swallow huge amounts of rawhide in the first place. That is why monitoring them is important. If you find that your canine has chewed a large part, then try to remove it manually rather than letting your dog swallow it.

Make sure to provide the rawhide according to your dog’s nature, weight, and size.

Even if the rawhide gets smaller after chewing for hours it is probably best not to let your dog swallow it. It is better to be extra sure than extra sorry.

Also, ensure that the rawhide is made from digestible ingredients and is manufactured in the USA.

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Tips to Make Rawhide Safer to Use

Having said that, if you decide to provide a rawhide to your canine then make sure to wash your hands so that there are no chances of contamination.

Follow these steps to forestall the aforementioned troubles.

  • Firstly, visit your vet and get a general idea of how many hides you can provide to your pup. Depending on that you act, a good rule of thumb to follow is the smaller the pet the smaller the hide, on the other hand, if you have aggressive chewers then you might have to consider a thicker hide. Give them only one hide at a time and check how their digestive system is responding.
  • Secondly, make sure that when you are providing rawhide bones to your pet, they are alone. So that they can relax while chewing, as if they are with other pets they might get excited and gulp the whole hide. This is important especially if you happen to have a dog that gets very defensive around food.
  • Thirdly, try experimenting with different types of rawhides, alter the shapes and size as well as the ingredient to see how your canines respond to them. When doing so keep monitoring them to see if they are chewing it properly and if not try others.
  • Lastly, don’t let them gulp rawhide even if it gets small enough, though smaller pieces tend to pass out, it is always better to be on a safer side. So as soon as the rawhide gets smaller try to replace it.

How Long for Rawhide to Digest? – FAQs

Is rawhide good or bad?

There are mixed opinions when it comes to the safety of rawhide chews, some people find it harmless to use as they are taking necessary precautions, other individuals don’t find it safe to use. Generally speaking, rawhides are not edible and digestible so if you are deciding to give them, make sure to supervise and follow the above-mentioned instructions.

With that being said, chewing is an instinct of dogs and it is healthy for dogs to chew more. Rawhide chews help to keep your dog busy and often acts as a great substitute for your expensive shoes or furniture. It also helps them to keep their teeth free from plaque and tartar.

Can puppies eat Rawhide?

For puppies it a great option to keep them occupied and engaged but just make sure to provide them with a rawhide only after six months when their mouth is fully developed, before that it might prove to be more hard and dangerous for your puppy.

What is better than Rawhide for dogs?

Nylon chews are an excellent alternative for dogs than rawhide, they are palatable, healthy, and top off all completely digestible. They also come in different shapes and sizes with amazing flavors to taste more appetizing for your dog. Fishskin sticks are also a good option but they have only one snag and that is they come with a strong smell.

How long does it take for food to get digested in dogs?

Generally, dogs have a good metabolism, and it takes 8 to 10 hours, that said, it also depends on what your dog has ingested. Some food can take more time, even months, while others that are too large and cannot pass from the digestive tract, can cause obstruction.

Does Rawhide show up on X-ray?

It depends on the piece of rawhide that is ingested, larger pieces can be visible on the x-ray but smaller pieces of rawhide bone may not. In such scenarios, your vet might have to feed your dog barium so that certain objects are visible.

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Take-Home Message

There is a ton of confusion out there regarding rawhides. Rawhide treats are great to keep your dogs busy and their teeth as well as breath fresh. After figuring out how long do rawhides take to digest, feeding rawhide treat is totally based upon your choice, and if you decide to feed your canine with rawhide then make sure to follow the instructions that we’ve mentioned.

Also, remember to monitor them and try not to let them consume large portions of rawhide. Also, check to provide the appropriate rawhide for your dog’s weight, size, and nature. Do that and you can let your furry guy play with their toy without any concerns.

Try implementing different chew toys and treats including rawhides, nylon chews, fish sticks, and so forth to satiate your dog’s urge to chew. And keep in mind all the risk factors that come along.

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