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The 5 Best LED Dog Leashes in 2023

The LED dog leashes, besides being used as a standard leash, also come with the perk of being lighted whenever required.

Unlike the reflective leashes, these ones are suitable even in extreme darkness where there’s no other source of light.

So read along and get the most suitable lighted dog leash for your fido.

Our Top Picks of 2023

Best Overall: Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash

With 3 different lighting modes, this LED dog leash is a good go for your night walks, no matter how dark it is outside. And, since it is available in multiple sizes, so finding a suitable size for your pooch is very easy.

Best Battery Backup: Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

This dog leash comes with the best battery backup amongst others. One full charge is sufficient for more than one walk with your fido. It is also available in size cool colors, so you can easily match up your preference.

Best Budget Pick: HiGuard LED Dog Leash

If you are on a budget, then the HiGuard LED Dog Leash would be best option for you. But don’t worry, in spite of being available at low price, it does not compromise on the safety and durability of the leash.

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Our 5 Favorite LED Dog Leashes

So you love to take your dog out for a night walk? Listed below are The 5 Best LED Dog Leashes that you can find in 2023. So get your buddy a dazzling leash!

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1. Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash

Blazin Safety is the most preferred dog leash when it comes to LED dog leash. It comes in six colors black, green, yellow, orange, pink, blue.

Best LED Dog Leash

The LED has three modes: ON, Strobe and Blink. This is made of Nylon which makes it easier to clean.

The battery backup of this leash is commendable, you only need to charge for one hour, and it lasts ten hours. This product gives the highest battery backup compared to other products.

It is manufactured with the latest technology and the lights are very bright so that you can be safe and so can your dog in those night walks.


  • Manufactured with the latest technology.
  • It has a commendable battery backup.
  • It comes with a variety of options.
  • Three modes of LED light changes with just one button.


  • The LED lights on the leash might fail over time due to wear and tear.

2. Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash is available in six colors: Red, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, and Yellow. It is said that blue and yellow color lights are good for dogs as they feel comfortable with that light.

Illumiseen LED Dog Leash

In spite of the fact that it comes with all these options, it is a premium product, so its price could be a drawback for some.

The leash is six feet long and is also available in a smaller length. It is appropriate for large breed dogs as well. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so no worries if you did not find the quality of the product to be good.

If you charge for one hour you are sorted for a couple of walks and runs. It has a commendable battery backup.

The leash is well constructed and sturdy built which shows that it is durable and safe.

The light has three modes which are steady flash, rapid flash, and slow flash. These modes help you during your early morning sunrise walks to long night walks.


  • There are multiple color options.
  • It is made for fully grown dogs.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Furthermore, it has good battery life.


  • It comes in premium products.

3. HiGuard LED Dog Leash

HiGuard LED Dog Leash comes in three colors red, orange and green. So you can match the leash with the collar or your dog.

HiGuard LED Dog Leash

It is made of Nylon and has padded handle which makes it easy to handle. It comes with a USB cable that can be attached to any device like power bank, laptop, etc.

You can be ready for those night walks or early morning runs at anytime, anywhere. The battery backup is impressive, you can charge for 2 hours and get a backup for 8 hours.

It has three modes of lights, Fast, slow and steady mode. You can change the mode just by pressing one button. These modes help you and your dog be more visible in any climate.

It is suitable for large dogs, it is durable and strong so you don’t have to worry about the leash being snapped which happens when your dog is pulling.


  • It comes in three different colors.
  • Furthermore, it can take up to 150 kg weight.
  • It has a padded handle.
  • It has USB charging which makes it easier to charge anywhere.


  • Leash gets easily wear and tear.
  • Small button, difficult to control the LED.

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4. Illumifun Glowing LED Dog Leash

The Illumifun Glowing LED Dog Leash is made of 100% Nylon. It is manufactured with the latest technology to give best result.

Illumifun Glowing LED Dog Leash

The battery life is quite interesting, charging for 2 hours gives you a backup for 6 to 8 hours. Only in case of steady flash the battery life is 2-3 hours after charging for 2 hours.

There are three modes, Quick Flash, Steady Flash, and Slow Flash. These modes can be changed with just one click of a button.

The leash comes with a strong ring. It is made of stainless steel which means it will not break that easily. This ring is useful when your dog is pulling away from you.

It comes with a 60 days guarantee. Anything happening to the leash you can replace it in the company, and you will be given a brand-new leash.


  • It has three modes of light flash.
  • The leash comes with a guarantee.
  • It has stainless steel ring for strength.
  • It has good battery life.


  • Only one side lights up the other side is dark.

5. VIZPET LED Dog Leash

The VIZPET LED Dog leash is made of Nylon. It has a good battery life if you charge for 2 hours the battery lasts up to 8 hours.


There are three modes of light. One is the steady mode, the quick mode, and the slow mode. You can alter the light with just one button on the leash.

In case you are wondering the use of these lights, here is what you can use them for!

Steady Flash is for visibility on the street or outdoor in complete darkness.

Quick Flash can is used for days that are foggy.

Slow Flash is for traffic and crowded area. Although you can use it in any way that suits your requirement.

It has easy USB charging and comes with a charging cable, which makes it easier to charge. It is perfect for people who jog, run, or even hiking with their dogs.


  • It is safe and durable.
  • The leash is water-resistant.
  • It is easy to hold and get a grip.
  • It has good battery life.


  • The material could be a problem.

How to Choose the Best LED Dog Leash?

There are various factors that need to be taken care of while choosing the best LED dog leash. We tend to get confused with so many options out there. These factors will help you choose the best LED dog leash for your pooch:

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Battery Backup

Since all of the LED dog leashes require power to run so they use a rechargeable battery. Make sure that before choosing the LED dog leash, it has a good battery backup so that it works for a good amount of time.

Nevertheless, the battery backup of best LED leashes that we have added to our list is good enough to last for multiple walks outdoors. The whole idea of a good battery is that you are at ease when you take your dog to a walk or run, without worrying about the LED lights going off.

The Blazin’ Safety LED Dog Leash has the maximum battery backup amongst others.


Since the main purpose of the LED dog leashes is safety, so it should not be compromised in any other way.

If your dog has a habit of chewing on his leash while walking then besides stopping from doing so it is also a good idea to make leashes that have a light on 1/3rd part of it. This is to make the closer-side of the leash free from LEDs. So even if your dog accidentally bites the leash, he does not gets to break the LEDs.

Apart from that when you take your dog out for a walk in cloudy or cold weather, the people on the street are able to see him and it saves your dog from an accident. Hence, the leash in addition to keeping you both safe should also be safe for your pooch even if he is an avid chewer.


All the dog leashes are made of Nylon. This is a very steady material and can be cleaned easily.

Water Resistance

Understanding the climatic changes all the leashes are water-resistant. So you can take your dog out for a walk when it is drizzling or snowing.

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FAQs About LED Dog Leashes

Are LED dog leashes waterproof?

LED leashes are manufactured all climate-friendly. The above leashes are water resistant but not waterproof. You can use them on a drizzling day or a rainy day but not soak it in water for hours. That will spoil the leash.

Are LED lights safe for dogs?

LED leashes are dog friendly as they are ⅓ rd light and the rest is nylon. So even if your dog chews the leash it won’t harm him or her. There are different effects of light on dogs so observe how your dog is reacting to the LED light. And then choose the appropriate LED.

What is the difference between LED leash and Reflective leash?

The main difference between LED leash and Reflective leash is that LED leashes have light in it which glows and in reflective leashes when the light strikes on the leash it glows. Reflective leashes are just two thin lines that can easily be unseen but LED leashes cannot be unseen.

How long does an LED dog leash last?

Generally LED leashes last for six to eight hours. There are different modes of flashes that may vary the life of the battery. But if you charge for 2 hours the LED lasts for a good amount of time so if you are planning for a long walk, you are sorted.


We hope that you found the best LED dog leash for your pooch. Make sure that you don’t leave your dog unattended while he is on the LED dog leash. This is because it can be quite dangerous for dogs if they chew or swallow the electronic part in the leash. Besides this, the LED leashes are totally safe.

Lets have a quick recap of our recommendation:

Additionally, these lighted dog leashes increase your safety to avoid any accidents by making you and your pooch visible even at a very dark place. So paws up! for next adventure with the glow in the dark leashes.

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