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How To Make A Dog Leash Out Of Climbing Rope

Climbing rope dog leashes are well-appreciated in the pet product industry. However, some people consider them to be costly and uncomfortable. So, if you are willing to make your own dog leash out of climbing rope at home, you are in for a treat with our following DIY methods.

How To Make A Dog Leash Out Of Climbing Rope

What are Climbing Rope Dog Leashes?

If you are a dedicated dog parent, chances are you have tried several dog leashes for your pet. Varieties are offered, such as nylon leash, retractable leash, rubber leashes, etc. Amongst all, our personal preference is a climbing rope leash.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that such leashes are made out of mountain climbing ropes. The main intention behind the formation of such leashes is the sturdiness and reliability that it offers.

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Benefits of Climbing Rope Dog Leashes

Initially, climbing rope dog leashes were considered to be an unconventional option. But with its regular usages, people understood the main agenda behind it. The following are some of the benefits of why you should start using a rope dog leash today:

1. Sturdiness

Sturdiness is a go-to reason behind the intensive demand for climbing rope dog leashes. Such leashes have a thick width that can endure the toughest pressure and force.

2. Reliability and Comfort

If you have your dog on a climbing leash, you can free yourself from stressing about their safety. Rope leashes are considered to be unbreakable. As climbing ropes can easily handle the weight of a human, it can comfortably manage the weight of a dog.

It also withstands the constant pulling and tugging of the dog. It has shock-absorbing properties that disperse the jolt. This prevents any strain on your wrists or shoulders.

3. Durability

Mountain rope dog leashes hold well against the test of time. They do not get frayed even with constant usage. As it is very difficult to break such leashes, you and your dog can use this for a long period.

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How to Make a Dog Leash Out of Climbing Rope?

Now that you know its advantages, it’s time to make your own dog leash at home. But wait, why not buy it from the store itself?

Well, if you have been around the pet industry, you’d know how costly such climbing rope leashes are! If you go for a cheap leash, you might get it at a low cost. But such an investment is pointless because it will break in the first few uses.

Instead of that, you could make your own DIY dog leashes without spending much time or dollars. If this is not a great deal, I don’t know what it.

To make it more convenient, we have added two methods. You can choose any as per your convenience and the materials available.

What Will You Need?

Before getting all crafty, it is necessary to gather all the paraphernalia i.e. material for making the climbing rope leash. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to buy an entire store. You will need the following:

  • 30 ft of rope
  • 1 ft of paracord
  • 1 locking carabiner
  • Scissors
  • Lighter

Once you have all the aforementioned components, let us get started!

climbing rope dog leash

The first method is a basic one, and you will mostly find all the pieces of equipment at a local store.

  • First Step: Cutting the rope in the middle

    Start off by cutting the rope in the middle, getting two 15 ft sections. Use a lighter and melt the cut ends.

  • Second Step: Loop both the strands

    Loop both the strands of the rope through the carabiner. To make it easier, tie the carabiner to a firm object. Make sure that the right end is on the top while crossing the rope.

  • Third Step: Make the cords even by pulling them

    Pass the leftmost cord and pass it under the other two cords immediately to its right. Then pull it back over the middle cord. In this way, the middle cord will become the second one from the left.

    Make the cords even by pulling them. If you find this step confusing, lay the cords flat between each move to gain clarity.

  • Fourth Step: Pass rightmost cord under the other two cord to its left

    Likewise, take the rightmost cord and pass it under the other two cord to its left. Pull the middle cord so that it becomes the second one from the right. Continue these steps for the remaining rope leash.

  • Fifth Step: Keep braiding

    Keep braiding till you get a length that is a foot longer than what you need the rope leash to be.

  • Sixth Step: Make the handle

    Now it is time to make the handle. Find the longest end where the loose ends meet the braided part and thread it through the loop. Repeat the same for the other cords. Pull the ends over the braid loop and through another. Verify that all the braids are passed through two braid loops.
    Trim the ends and melt them with a lighter. Furthermore, press them into the braid.

  • Seventh Step: Use a Paracord and wrap the place

    If you’d like your rope leash to be more secure, use a paracord and wrap the place where the handle joins the leash. Cut about a foot long of length and pull it. Wrap the leash, tie it, and use a lighter to melt it. This step will prevent the leash from getting undone.

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Alternative Method

If you are not a fan of braiding and weaving, we have another DIY rope dog leashes method for you.

What Will You Need?

You will need more amount of materials for this method like a cotton rope which is not very common. However, the end result is completely worth it. You will need:

  • 15 ft of cotton rope
  • Fabric dye
  • 1 snap hook
  • 2 rope clamps
  • Cooking pot
  • Rubber mallet

First Step

Cut the rope according to your desired rope leash length. Tie off the ends to prevent any unraveling.

Second Step

Get some warm water and soak the rope in it. At the same time, prepare your dye. After soaking it for a few minutes, dip the rope in the prepared dye and quickly remove it. Hang it outside and allow the dye to move down the rope. Squeeze out the excess dye or water.

Once all the excess dye is removed, rinse it in cold water. Allow the rope to get dried completely for a day or two.

Third Step

After the rope is completely dry, attach the snap hook and clamps. Create a small loop on the side where you wish to place the hook and pass the ring through it.

Fourth Step

Now it is time to secure the rope. Place the clamps in such a way that the prongs are facing up. Loop the base of the rope between the prongs. Use the rubber mallet and hammer all the four prongs over the rope.

Fifth Step

You can create the handle by repeating the fourth step. But keep the loop according to your hand size and comfort. Once you have done it, you have a handy rope leash ready to be used.

DIY rope dog leash

Note: You can skip the dyeing step if you wish to. It is merely included to make it a more colorful rope leash.

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FAQs About DIY Climbing Rope Dog Leashes

Is it possible to make your own dog leash at home?

Climbing rope dog leashes are easy to make at home as they do not require complicated materials. So, many pet parents prefer DIY dog leashes.

Why are climbing rope leashes better?

Climbing rope leashes have heightened durability. They are designed to withstand the toughest pulls, even from the largest breeds. The material ensures the pulling and tugging of the dogs. Such qualities make climbing rope leashes ideal.

Why should I go for DIY dog leashes?

Dog leashes are an expensive purchase. More than ever, such costly leashes fail to endure the strength of the dogs and end up breaking. Instead of investing in such low-quality, it is better to make mountain rope dog leashes at home. It doesn’t take much time or money.

Does braiding rope make it stronger?

Braiding or twisting the ropes together will increasing the endurance of the rope leash. It increases its weight-holding capacity. Braiding also makes the rope shock-absorbent.

Summing Up

We hope that the above-mentioned methods have shed some light on how to make a dog leash out of climbing rope at home. You can use either of the methods as per your choice. We guarantee that such rope leashes will not disappoint you while you are walking your dog.

However, if the materials are not available, or you do not feel like going the DIY-way, you can get the best rope leashes available online. Both the options will secure your dog’s safety and comfort.

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