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What Is The Least Effective Method To Retrieve A Dog That Has Got Off-Leash?

Do you know what is the least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off-leash? The answer to your question is in this article!

To retrieve a dog that has got off-leash is hard. We understand that your problem is difficult! Most pet owners face this issue on a daily basis.

But, you have to understand the fact that they get off-leash when they find their surrounding more thrilling and interesting. They are out there exploring. Something exciting that is happening in his environment grabs his attention, and he just wants to get off-leash at the same moment.

The best is to prevent your dog from slipping from his leash. But if he is lost, there are various methods to get your dog back, and we have covered all the least and the best possible methods churned in this article just for you.

Least Effective Method to Retrieve Off-Leashed Dog

The Least Effective Method to Retrieve a Dog That has got Off-leash

It is vital to learn which things you must avoid when your dog has got off-leash. Therefore, we have given 4 ways that should not be done by any pet parent to Retrieve a Dog That has got Off-leash.

1. Yelling and shouting never works

The worst thing that any pet parent could do to get back his dog who has got off-leash is yelling and shouting their name. It only increases your dog’s excitement level. He will not notice to come back instead he will get excited to do more of this.

Apart from this, they can also take this negatively. They may find frustration and rage in your voice. So when you scream at them, it will create a negative impact which could be long-lasting and will drive them to run away and far from you more. This way, he may not feel safe with you.

2. Running back to them is not a solution

Things to avoid when your dog has got off-leash

Running after a dog who has just got off-leash is just a waste of idea. When you run back to them, dog run even faster.

Do you know dogs can run up to 20 miles per hour?

So, if you are not an athlete it could be impossible for you to get him back. Running back to them is the least effective way or method.

It just increases his exposure to harm. For instance, if you’re chasing him near a road or traffic area there is a high chance of him getting hit by a car.

If you run back to them, they might get the wrong idea. He might think you are interested in playing the “chase” game. And, we know how much dogs love playing chasing games. So, this might provoke him to keep running which is worse.

3. Punishing them can be threatening

This is the most important advice to never and ever punish your dog. If you do so they will never come back to you.

It is totally a rubbish idea why? Because they will think the punishment is for returning back to you which will give a wrong message to him.

So, when next time when he gets off-leash he will not come back to you thinking that he will be punished again for that.

4. No GPS tracking device

Technology has made things so easier.

If you put a GPS tracker on your dog you can monitor its physical activities easily.

The least effective ways could be not installing a good quality GPS tracker on your dog. Because, if your dog has this the device will immediately inform how far he is from you, and you can be stress-free.

Don’t worry and Stay Calm! We are not leaving you half way. We also have listed the best ways to retrieve your dog!

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The Best Effective Method to Retrieve a Dog That has got Off-leash

You can follow the given below 7 methods to get your pet back. These are all practically tested solution that works well.

1. Tempt Your Dog with Favourite Treat

Remember to keep your dog favorite with you whenever you go outing with him. Treats are something they love the most. You must be thinking why we are discussing treats, isn’t it?

Well, when your dog has got off-leash then this is the most effective way.

We all know dogs love to eat and when it comes to treating they will make sure to do everything you asked them for. When your dog off-leash you just have to show him the most favorite treat or his favorite dog food in your hand. Your canine will come running back to you.

It is of the most successful method works well almost all the times.

You should always be giving your pet a treat whenever he obeys your command or when he does any good thing in a day. When the dog comes back to you, smoothly fix the leash to your dog’s collar.

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2. Call Your Furry Friends by his Name

You can also call your pooch by his name in a hope that he will respond.

Try calling his name in a pleasant tone but in a louder voice to attend to his attention. Don’t show any kind of fear or anger in your voice.

Just in case if you have a squeaky toy, use that too! You will be amazed to know that how speedily your pooch’s focus will divert his attention from the present distraction to the toy.

3. Immediately lay down

Least effective way to get off-leash dog

When your dog is leashed off one funny but useful trick is to stop and lie down on the ground quickly.

This sounds crazy, isn’t it?

But, what if we tell you this actually works. When you have an off-leash dog, the effective way to retrieve a dog that has got off-leash is to make him curious by lying down on the ground.

Just stop wherever you are and simply lie down on the ground. This action of yours will make him think about what happened to you, and he will come back to you.

Dogs love their owners they are their family and something happens to you, your dog will also be affected by that. Therefore, this trick will help you to get him back because he will return to help you.

4. Post on social media

To find your dog why not take advantage of the most powerful medium of communication. Yes, we are talking about social media.

We can take the help of social media. Simply posting one post with some pictures can work, it will spread your message to a large population. This is a powerful and effective way because your message will be circulated to a lot of people.

To attract more public, you can even offer a reward. Do not forget to write your phone number in the post.

5. Ask Help From Animal Control

If it has been a long time you haven’t found your dog, yet then it is important to inform the animal control unit. Seeking help from experts can make things easy. They are a specialist for finding a lost dog. This is one of the safest ways to retrieve a dog that has got off the leash.

If your dog is micro-chipped then it will be easier to solve this mystery. Just in case if he is not micro-chipped when he returns you get him chipped immediately so when by chance if he has gone missing it will be easy for you to find him.

You can be stress-free and have the security of your pet coming back when you micro-chip him.

Off-leash Dog

6. Calm Down

Your dog has taken off his leash is because there is something thrilling and attractive that has caught his attention. Now in this situation what you can do is to lower his excitement level and get his attention back to you.

You have to stay calm, yeah, we understand it is not possible to do so. But you should be sane enough to handle the situation especially if he is in a dangerous situation. Like in a traffic jam, or some unfamiliar place, a new park, etc.

7. Opposite Running (Reverse psychology) 

When your dog is off-leash never run back to them, they interpret that you are playing a new game and for some dogs, it might be scary, and they will even run faster. Don’t make this mistake.

It is obvious that we cannot beat a fast running dog.

You must be wondering then how will be running in opposite work. Well, when you run in the opposite direction of your dog, your pooch will be confused it is reversed psychology. The smarter way is to let your dog chase you rather than you chasing him.

By doing this to him, he will be curious and this will attract his interest to come back to you.

It is like getting away from your dog just like he did this to you before a second. This will seek his attention and help you to get his focus back on you. Once he returns cuddle him express your love towards him to show him how much you love him.

Keep calm!

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Which are some of the least effective methods to retrieve a dog that has got off-leash?

The least effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off the leash is by calling his name louder. Yelling and screaming his name might spoil the game to get him back to you. You should also not be punishing your dog, because this will give them the wrong message. Not putting a GPS track is also one of the least effective methods one pet parent could do.

If you think running back to him or chasing him will work then you are absolutely mistaken. Because here the reverse psychology works well! When you chase him he will run even faster to think that you are playing with him. So, when you run in the opposite direction it will make him wonder to come back to you.

How can I train my dog without a leash?

To train a dog to walk without a Leash you have to follow 5 steps:

  1. Put a collar around your dog’s neck
  2. Train your dog with the “watch me” order
  3. Stand on the left side of the dog and ask him to sit
  4. Lure him with the small treats
  5. Encourage your dog to walk close to or nearby your side

What is a dog clicker?

A clicker is a type of positive reinforcement dog training. A dog clicker or marker makes your dog move precisely the way you want. The timing of the click is important, and with every followed click, you must reward and praise your dog.

Summing it All Up!

The worst thing a pet owner can do when his pet has got off the leash is by screaming and yelling at him, it decreases the chance of him coming back. Also, chasing him is the least effective method because it instigates them to play more. An excited dog will keep on running, and this will not bring him back to the leash.

The effective method to retrieve a dog that has got off-leash is by luring them with a treat, or by making them curious by your action, you can ask from the animal control, or try reverse psychology this works well. You have to keep it when they get off the leash only your action can get him back immediately. So you should be sane enough to deal with the situation.

Tip: Always consider keeping your doors open, because dogs remember their home and can even come back on their own.

I hope we have got you proper methods to retrieve a dog that has got off-leash. If you know any other trick do let us know.

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