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Help! How to Stop Dog from Pulling on a Leash

To stop a dog from pulling on a leash, there are various tricks to do so, but not all methods will go for every dog.

It is important to know that teaching any kind of method will not work for every dog. It may happen that some trick might work for your one dog but not work for another dog. You have to experiment with every trick with your pet. And, be ready to face failure when one trick doesn’t work.

You are not alone and need not worry at all because we have 5 ways to avoid this situation and also some extra tactics to handle this situation.

Ways to Stop A Dog from Pulling on a Leash

How to Stop Dog from Pulling on a Leash

We have covered 5 ways of teaching your dog to stop pulling on a leash.

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1. Try Chest-led Harness Technique

While you teach your dog to stop pulling on a Leash, you can try a chest-led harness method it is the perfect training aid for your dog training. It disperses the pressure equally around the entire body as it takes off the pressure around the dog’s neck.

When the ring is attached to the chest strap of the leash and your dog pulls the harness, it will turn his body instead of letting him go forward.

This type of harness helps everyone who requires a little extra help with safety.

2. Go With one Method at a Time

The right way to teach your dog not to pull the leash is by going with one style of walking at a time and be persistent on it. It is your duty to train your dog that which method is the right and acceptable to walk. You have to get to the bottom of the walking method and stick to it.

This is the simplest and easiest way to stop pulling on a leash.

If you choose to walk with your dog on the right side then stick by it and don’t change the side. Sticking to one method at a time will aid you to teach your dog appropriately and there will be less chance of confusion for him as well. Or else if you are lefty you can go for the left side too but just make sure that you be consistent on it.

This technique will help you to train him smoothly.

3. Give Cue to him

Make sure and guide your dog such that he listens to all your command. Once he starts obeying your command it will lessen the chance of pulling his leash.

Wondering how is it possible?

Well, then while walking on the road you have to take many turns. The chance of taking a turn is also not certain so when you are going to take the next turn you can give your pet a cue. So, instead of turning away from him, you can give him a cue, and he will follow your order by walking close to you.

Make sure to praise him every time when he obeys your cue. This will make him learn how to walk close to you and there is less chance of leash pulling. Also gives him positive reinforcement.

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4. Avoid Distraction

While teaching your dog to walk on a leash nicely always make sure to avoid any road or place which has a lot of exciting things which will attain his attention. Thus, it will lead to the pulling of the leash. So choose a place that is mostly vacant, and choose a time when there are not many people around. Practice with your dog to walk on the street with a leash.

You can go an evening stroll during dinner because most people are indoors during that time or else you can also try going to the park but only in non-peak hours.

The reason why we suggest you avoid crowded places because he will get a lot of distraction there and there is a low chance of him to obey your order. Therefore, he will not learn anything and will be distracted by all the exciting things in the environment. Like exciting sound, smell, and sight of course.

Teach him slowly in a calm area and build his confidence to walk on a leash.

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5. Treat Them to Teach Them

It is vital to keep your pet motivated which we do by offering what? Treats right!

By the end, whichever method or style you opt to stop a dog from pulling on a leash the most important task is to keep him motivated so shows enthusiasm and obeys your command.

Giving your pet treat helps him to encourage them to walk nicely, but you just have to make him believe that good things will only happen when he follows your command. And offering treats to them is the easiest and simple way to teach him quickly.

Positive training reinforces good behavior and makes him repeat that behavior again.

Thus, when you train him to walk on a leash nicely remember to use treats to keep his motivation high and encourage him to follow you. This will indicate to him that not pulling the leash will give him a treat or anything good will happen. So, they will start adopting this habit on their own.

Note: If you are having a puppy then learn how to teach a puppy to walk on a leash? Get all information here.

Some basic tactics to avoid leash pulling in dogs

Basic tactics to avoid leash pulling in dogs

There are various ways to avoid leash pulling which we have already discussed, but given below are a few tricks which might work successfully.

  • Whenever your dog pulls the leash immediately stop walking and wait till he settles down. When he settles, and the leash is relaxed then starts walking again. Repeat as per your need.
  • Whenever you feel the tension smoothly pull back the leash. And, when your pet returns to your side, processed to walk again.
  • You can even walk a bit ahead of your canine. When you do so, you will be able to pull the leash forward so that your canine is able to back up before he proceeds.
  • Yet, another trick is to get your dog to walk in an open park. Walk-in another direction after taking a turn when your dog reaches the end of his leash. This way, your canine will always be behind you.
  • You can also try BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness No Pull Adjustable vest it comes with no pull and no choke feature. It is easy to wear and includes a secure locking feature.

These are some tricks that you can try with your pet.

It is not the end! Hang on!

Key Takeaway

Dog likes to pull their leash, and the reason is that they are experimental, jolly, and social animals. Due to this, they keep on interesting new places, smell, and people also explore exciting things.

You can stop them by giving them the right training, by giving them the cue, sticking to one method at a time, by avoiding a distracting place while training them to walk with a leash. You can also BABYLTRL Big Dog Harness comes with no pull and choke feature, and it is an adjustable vest.

If you know other tricks and ways to stop a dog from pulling on a leash, we would love to know about it. Let us know in the comment section below.

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