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How to Train a Dog to Walk on a Leash Beside You?

To train a dog to walk on a leash beside you is crucial instead of walking side to side because there is a high chance of you tripping. The right dog training and proper usage of a leash will aid to prevent injuries for both of you

Do you know frequent pulling and pushing of the collar can cause strain and damage to his body forever?

Train a dog how to walk on a leash beside you with positive paw dog training. This article will show you how to do that as we have covered all the tricks and what common problem you will face during this journey.

How to Train a Dog to Walk on a Leash Beside You

Tricks to Teach Your Dog to Walk on a Leash Beside You

To train a dog to walk on a leash on it takes time. So you must have a lot of patience when you start your dog training.

1. Comfort him with Leash

You have got the leash but not yet used it, then it’s time to use the leash. You can train your dog with a leash, but it is important to keep patience. Likewise, you have to train a dog to walk on a leash. Some dogs take time to adapt to this change and a few learn easily.

But they will learn eventually, you just have to give them time to get used to it. Once they are comfortable you can train him to walk on a leash beside you.

2. Try Keeping Short Session

While leash training your dog, make sure that it is not happening for a long time this will make him uninterested and exhausted. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep short sessions of leash training.

In this way, he will not be tired and bored by it.

Beginning with a short session, and will lead to positive reinforcement.

3. Stick to one side

Once you start teaching him to walk, make sure to fix one side while walking. Most people prefer the left side, but you can choose according to your preference. If he weaves back and forth or runs in a circle it will be troubled for you as you may injure yourself or your dog.

You must keep the leash short so that he cannot leave your side but also make that it is not so small that you keep on dragging him.

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4. Lure him simultaneously

To make him adapt to this behavior you have to tempt him. Lure him when he is on the correct side of yours with his favorite treat. Here you can mark this practice by making a cue or by clicking whatever you like.

Now he will get the idea. Once he learns this stop rewarding him. In the beginning, you have to give him a treat for each step. Slowly, increase the waking distance in between his favorite treats till it becomes his habit.

This time you can give him more leash as long he does not weave the circle with it.

5. Practice makes it perfect

Once you are done practicing with some treats then stop giving him the treat. Now it is time to make him practice. You have to train him until he gets your command and follows you. You must have patience for this. This behavior cannot be modified in a single day.

Therefore, keep practicing till you see the change.

6. Go for Other Direction

When he is ready to walk as per your commands it is time to start changing the directions.

Try experimenting with zigzag motion this will improve his new skills. It also trains him to the concept of walking in all directions, and he needs to be beside you every time you go for a walk.

7. Let’s Step out

Once he is perfectly comfortable walking on the leash with all your cues and commands now it’s time to step out of the house.

Are you ready and excited about this first out walk?

Let’s get started, grab the leash and give your command to your pet. Now head out for a peaceful walk. If he obeys your command during the walk praise him a lot and treat him too!

It is the right time now, you can extend your walk with him along as he obeys now without any kind of treat.

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Common Problems with Leash

Walking dog with Leash Beside You

Pulling issues

Your dog will pull his leash while walking on the road, but you don’t have to entertain this behavior of him. What you can do is simply stop and change direction and start walking around. You don’t need to yell at him and also don’t talk to him when doing this. He will understand this and modify his pulling behavior.

Once he stops pulling and catches up to you, you praise him and be happy to see him. In this way, he will quickly learn. You can also learn about how to stop dog from pulling on a leash and how you can control him.

Still persistent

If your dog still pulls and doesn’t understand the training tricks. You may require a different type of collar or a head halter for some time just to get better control. This issue may arise due to your negligence too. You may unintentionally encourage them to let him pull. For this, the great solution is to take some professional classes from a qualified instructor.

Weaving circle between the walk

Many dogs weave back and forth or make round circles around while you walk your dog. This is a very common problem. For this what you can do is lure him with a treat when he is beside you. Give reward as well as praise your pooch each time he takes a step in the correct direction.

Keep on repeating this! Slowly increase the tenure between treats till no treats are required. But, if he is weaving in the leash do not stop then you can shorten his leash, so he just stays beside you on the one side. Yes, you can reward him when he does this.

Hold on! If you want to know a little more.

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How can I train a dog to walk on a leash beside me?

To train a dog to walk on a leash beside you all you have to do is to first make him comfortable with the leash then start practicing the walk on the one side, lure him with some treats for positive reinforcement, and keep on practicing till he adapts the trick.

What are some basic dogs’ commands?

There are 7 basics dog commands STAY, SIT, COME, DOWN, OFF, HEEL, and NO

Can I let my dog sniff on walks?

Yes, it is completely fine

Dogs are extremely reliable in their smelling sense. If you don’t allow him to sniffle while on a walk it can be painful for him just like walking blindfolded would be for us. You can let your pooch sniff as long as five to ten minutes there is no harm to it.

Can I pull my dog’s leash?

When your dog pulls the leash during the walk it can cause gagging and coughing. You may pull the leash to stop him but can have lasting effects on his health. He may get injured around the neck or to the trachea.

Summing it All Up!

To train a dog to walk on a leash beside you can take a lot of time. Commitment to the golden rule requires an unwavering focus.

For this, the very first step in the leash training is to introduce him to the leash. Make him comfortable by keeping small session practice. You have to make sure that you stick by one side and be persistent on that. Make some cue between both of you and lure with some treats when he obeys your command. Practice till he walks closer to you and gets perfect, and you are ready for an outdoor walk.

If you know any other trick to train a dog to walk on a leash beside you let us know. Do a comment we would love to know.

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