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What is Turkey Meal in Dog Food?

Turkey Meat or Turkey Meal? And Thanksgiving or Christmas without turkey?

Well, that’s hard to imagine and if you are looking to include a turkey meal in your little fuzzy companion’s diet then you are at the right place.

You see turkey meal in dog food is a way better option to find than its meat partner.

It contains more proportion of proteins than the actual turkey meat as a whole. And if you are adding that to the diet of your pup then it is for sure going to be beneficial for your canines growth and body. Read along to know about the how’s.

What is Turkey Meal?

Turkey meal is rendered turkey that is heated and overcooked intentionally to remove most of the moisture as well as decontaminate from any bacteria. This way it also contains more protein that otherwise wouldn’t be present in the meat form. It is manufactured from a clean, fresh turkey.

Most dog foods contain turkey, and it is a common ingredient used by commercial dog food manufacturers. Turkey meal in dog food is a dried rendered product that could be a blend of skin, flesh, and bones. It can come with or without bones.

Turkey meal in dog food is beneficial for your canine’s health and growth. It is a protein concentrated meal that contains only about 10% of water and the rest is accompanied by proteins and minerals as well as some vitamins.

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Turkey Meal Benefits for Your Dog

As you may know, the turkey meal contains more amounts of proteins that are good for your canines bones, and joints, they also improve the muscle of your dog. It is highly digestible and palatable for dogs which makes this meal an excellent alternative for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Turkey meal in dog food is also known to provide benefits to the immune system of your pup as it contains Selenium and Tryptophan. Turkey meals are often low in calories and fats when compared to the chicken meal, therefore are mostly used in light diets and for senior dogs.

As they are abundant in protein they keep your dogs satiated for a longer time. The included amino acids in the turkey meal are the building blocks for cell growth and tissue repair. It also improves your canine’s metabolism.

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Why Turkey Meal AND Not Turkey Meat?

When we mentioned the rendering process it basically removes most of the moisture and water from the turkey and the leftover is highly concentrated low-fats powdered turkey. This meal contains a higher proportion of protein than its meat partner.

Turkey meat mostly contains water and if you are looking for a number then it is around 70% water. So incorporating a turkey meal in your dog’s diet is for sure going to provide the necessary nutrients as well as a protein required for the growth of the muscles.

Turkey meat, on the other hand, in some cases can prove to be allergic to dogs and cause certain allergic reactions. This is generally rare, but it is always better to be on the safer side. The allergy symptoms can vary and include hair loss, skin rashes, scratching, paw biting, and vomiting.

So if you find that your canine is kinda reacting to the turkey then it is probably best to stop feeding him and visit your vet. Now how much this allergy relates to the turkey meal is still on the debate, but it kinda proves to be a better alternative than raw meat. You see turkey meal is also mostly available most of the dog food ingredients.

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Some Great Turkey Meal Dog Foods

Now that we know feeding turkey meal in dog food is way better than raw meat, let’s look at these dog foods that offer good amounts of nutrients, minerals, and saves you the trouble of cooking for your little fella.

Wellness Core Natural Turkey Meal Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Turkey Meal Dry Dog Food

Wellness core is a well-known brand when it comes to delivering quality dog foods. This kibble offers turkey meals, as well as chicken meals.

The ingredients are non-GMOs and thus safe in every way. There are no by-products, fillers, flavors, and artificial preservatives.

The food supports the natural digestive system of your dog and supports heart health. It also keeps the skin healthy and glossy while preventing dullness.

The kibble contains healthy amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

It manufactured with all healthy and natural ingredients. It also contains fish and flax that provides necessary omega fatty acids to keep the body, heart, and mind healthy.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Turkey Meal Dry Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Just 6 Turkey Meal Dry Dog Food

The next is from Rachael Ray Nutrish, which offers a limited ingredient diet that helps dogs that have a sensitive stomach. The main ingredient of the kibble is a turkey meal and the rest are necessary minerals and nutrients.

Rachael Ray Just 6 has been named after keeping the ingredients limited to only six natural ingredients.

The food is an excellent source of protein that ensures the muscles growth and joints of your dog.

There are no additives, fillers, or artificial preservatives in this food. It is made from completely natural ingredients. The food is great for senior dogs that are sensitive to foods.

Is Feeding Turkey Meal Safe for My Dog?

Yes, it is safe to feed turkey meal in dog food as it contains not only a good amount of proteins but also other necessary nutrients that are great for your canine’s growth and functioning of the body. As mentioned before turkey is present as a common ingredient in most commercial dog food, so you might be feeding your dog turkey meal knowingly or unknowingly.

With that being said, make sure to find the product that states the source of the protein like in this case turkey meal. This implies that the food is made from high-quality items and is not mixed with some low-quality scraps. Turkey is a good source of essential amino acids and takes care of the immune system of your dog as well as provide energy as carbohydrates do.

Long story short, it is both healthy and safe to feed your little fella with turkey meal, just when you do make sure that the food has not mentioned vague terms like animal meal and so forth it should clearly specify like turkey meal, for example, in this case.

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Turkey Meal Dog Foods – FAQs

Is turkey meal good for dogs?

Yes, it is good and safe for your dog’s health and body functioning. Turkey meals in dog food contain high amounts of proteins and amino acids that add up to the health benefits. The proteins ensure that your dog stays full for a prolonged period. Not to mention, it is highly digestible and palatable.

What are the other alternatives for Turkey Meal in dog food?

If you are having a pup that is sensitive to turkey meal then there are other protein sources that offer just the same benefits. Duck meal can prove to be an excellent alternative, it also contains necessary ingredients and nutrients. Chicken meal is also a good alternative, but dogs are also prone to allergies from the chicken so make sure that your pup is not one of them.

Is Turkey good for dogs with food allergies?

Well it depends on your dog, because pups reacts differently towards different foods some are sensitive to duck meal and some are to chicken meal. So any other poultry meal may trigger the allergic reactions, so it is important to visit your vet and find out which one is more suitable for your canine.

Is Turkey or Chicken meal better for dogs?

Turkey meal is just like chicken meal, so both of them are pretty much the same when it comes to benefits as both of them provide a good source of protein. Turkey meal in dog food can prove to be a great alternative for protein if your dog is sensitive towards other sources of proteins.

The Final Verdict

So next time you are preparing for Thanksgiving and cooking yourself a turkey, don’t forget to get a turkey meal for your beloved pup. Turkey meals are available in most of the dog food ingredients and are common these days.

When looking for a turkey meal make sure that the source is specified, now this is important not just for turkey meal but all sorts of meals in general. As this implies that the source of the protein is exact and not mixed with some low-quality items. That is why you will read that a ton of times.

Meals are generally a great source of proteins than their meat counterparts thus they ought to be more preferred. Turkey meal is no exception, it is a great source of proteins and amino acids as well as other necessary ingredients, so adding turkey meal to your pups diet is probably a good idea.

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