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What is Venison Meal In Dog Food?

As Venison Meal in dog food contains less fat and cholesterol compared to meat meal (and therefore less protein), it is popular choice among pet parents.

Dogs have been walking on the face of Earth for the past 32,000 years. But they only started getting domesticated in the 18th century.

This indicates that dogs were kept in the wild for centuries where they didn’t have the luxury to select the type of food.

It further helped in the evolution of their digestive system, allowing them to digest all types of meat, including red meats like beef, lamb, or venison.

Venison meal in dog food

Venison meal is a limited ingredient as it is a rare find. It is also possible for dogs to get an allergic reaction to it. Nevertheless, venison meal in dog food is a fruitful addition to its manifold benefits.

What is Venison Meal in Dog Food?

Venison is derived from the Latin term venari that means hunting or pursuing. Originally, it meant the meat of a game animal. But in the present times, it means the meat of an elk or deer.

Venison meal is the product obtained after the meat is put through the rendering process. The result is a high protein concentrated meal that is included in the dog food.

Venison meal contains a substantial amount of protein as compared to fresh venison meat. Hence, it is included in the major commercial dog food products.

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Venison Meal: Luxury or Necessity?

It is fairy difficult to find venison meal in dog food for two reasons:

  • It is EXPENSIVE.

As New Zealand is one of the largest suppliers of venison meat, the import charges add to the price. Such concrete reasons have pushed most of the pet food manufacturers to avoid venison meal in dog food. It is also considered a luxury by several dog parents.

Hence, it can be concluded that venison meal is a luxury that has all the necessary nutrients.

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Nutritional Content in Venison Meal

It might not be as cheap as chicken or lamb, but the nutritional value is the same, if not more.

Certain dogs required less amount of fat in their diet. It could be for the ones who are attempting weight loss or who are relatively inactive. Venison meal is highly beneficial for such canines as the fat proportion is lower as compared to other red meats like beef.

As venison meal is filled with protein, it is highly useful for the growth of dogs. Along with that, it has a significant amount of zinc that further helps in the production of essential hormones.

Vitamin B3, which is also known as Niacin, is found in abundant quantities in venison meal. It helps in keeping a healthy metabolism along with having a positive effect on brain function.

Lastly, it is high in a rare compound known as L-carnitine. It helps with muscle recovery.

Note: There have been certain theories stating that L-carnitine leads to an increased risk of heart disease. However, other meats like beef or lamb also contain a high proportion of the compound. Thus, it is less likely to put your dog at any fatal risk.

Benefits of Venison Meal in Dog Food

Venison meal carries bountiful benefits for our four-legged friends. Even though it is an expensive option, you must include venison meal in dog food for the following reasons:

1. Less-Allergic

All types of animal-protein pose the threat of causing an allergic reaction to dogs. However, as venison meal is rare and expensive, it is added in moderate proportions. This significantly reduces the probability of infecting your dogs with severe allergies.

2. More Nutrients

As mentioned earlier, the nutritional value of venison meal is very high. As it has a low proportion of fat, it is a viable option for dogs who are obese or inactive. The protein-rich venison meal is also useful for the repair, growth, and maintenance of their cells.

The high proportion of zinc further improves the immune system, digestive system, and assist in the production of hormones. Vitamin B3 improves cardiovascular health and also benefit the dog’s coat and skin.

Such healthy macronutrients help in nurturing the energy levels of dogs, and also keeps the severe diseases away!

3. Dog’s Favorite

Venison meal is highly palatable for dogs. If you have a picky eater, it can be given as a treat. Most of the dog breeds favor the taste of venison, making it one of their favorite meals.

4. Leaner Option

Venison meal is naturally lean and contains less amount of fat and cholesterol. This makes it a healthier option when compared with beef or lamb. If your canine has weight-related issues, venison meal in dog food is the ideal choice. It also reduces the chances of heart diseases.

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Best Venison Meals in Dog Food

Now that you have understood the advantages of including venison meal in dog food, it is time to do some shopping. But are you worried about picking the wrong product for your canine? We have conducted some research for you and here are our top recommendations.

CANIDAE PURE Lamb, Goat and Venison Meals

If your dog has a sensitive stomach, the CANIDAE PURE Lamb, Goat, and Venison Meals is the one. As the name suggests, it includes lamb, goat, and venison meals. This means that your dog will get all the nutrients necessary for its growth.

CANIDAE PURE Lamb, Goat and Venison Meals

It includes Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids that keep their skins and coat healthy and shiny. The antioxidants assist in maintaining a healthy immune system. As it contains no additives or fillers, you can select this dog food without any hesitation.

Emmy’s Best Elk & Venison Meal

Is your dog a picky eater? Try giving him/her Emmy’s Best Elk & Venison Meal. It can be sprinkled on top of your dog’s wet or dry kibble.

Emmy's Best Elk & Venison Meal

As there are no fillers or preservatives, you do not have to be apprehended about its authenticity. As it is made with natural ingredients, it does not lead to any side effects.

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FAQs About Venison Meal in Dog Food

What is Venison Meal in Dog Food?

Venison meal is rendered deer meat that has been dried and ground up, and includes clean flesh, skin, and/or accompanying bone. A dry powdery substance obtained after processing deer meat under high heat, and dehydrating them is called Venison Meal.

Are venison meals good for dogs?

Venison meal is a healthy source of protein as well as other essential nutrients like vitamin B, iron, phosphorous, and zinc. As it helps in managing their energy levels, venison meal is good for dogs.

Are venison meals good for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Certain dogs are allergic to an animal-sourced protein like chicken. Venison meal is a healthy alternative for them. As it is not used in higher proportions, the chances of getting an allergic reaction are slim. Hence, it is a good option for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

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Can I feed venison meals to my obese dog?

Venison is a leaner meat, i.e. it contains lower proportions of fat and cholesterol. This makes it an acceptable option for dogs who are overweight.

Can I feed raw venison meat to my dog?

Feeding any kind of raw protein to dogs can be harmful as it can expose your dog to certain bacteria and hidden illnesses. Hence, it is best to avoid feeding raw venison meat and include venison meal in dog food.

Why are venison meals in dog food expensive?

Venison meat is considered to be a rare and expensive animal-protein source. It is so because it is mainly imported from foreign countries. This increases the import charges and makes it a rather costly option. There isn’t enough supply of venison meat to meet its demand, and hence it is a high-cost meal.

Gist of Venison Meal

There you have it, the entire analysis of venison meal in dog food. We are confident that by including a venison meal, you will see a significant change in your dog’s energy levels.

So don’t wait any further. Switch your canine’s diet and include high-quality venison meal in its daily diet. Here, you can read more about rendered animal ingredients that are used in dog food.

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